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Lead pennies
Posted by: perchdoctor
Date: September 10, 2007 11:43PM
I had a old timer tell me they made Lead pennies in 1945 or in that time frame , has anyone ever found any , thanks Jeff

western ,South Dakota

Re: Lead pennies
Posted by: captainron
Date: September 11, 2007 12:06AM
My guess is he was thinking of the ones made in 1943, with copper needed for the war effort and a shortage of copper, they made zinc-coated steel cents. A few, by mistake, also were made in1944 of steel, but don't believe actual lead was ever used.

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Re: Lead pennies
Posted by: Gary ( KY. )
Date: September 11, 2007 02:17PM

As Ron said, they were zinc coated " steel " penny's in 43. I done quite a bit of research on this subject last Fall, because I was finding a lot of old wheat penny's at the time, and I wanted to know the value of them.

There were a few " Copper " penny's that slipped through back then, in 1943 , and are very valuable indeed, if you could ever get your hands on one. They are VERY rare ( as in almost impossible ). But they are out there. I have read that there are anywhere from 8 to ten of them, up to 40 of them known to exist. I don't think no one really knows how many 43 copper penny's there really are , but I would say the lower number range of this would be more like it. They are VERY few , and they are VERY Rare. And they sell for BIG money.

The zinc coated 1943 ones were so unpopular , that in 1944 they started to making them back out of copper again. When they did, the same thing happened again. Some plates were missed ( or left on purpose ), and a " FEW " 1944 penny's were zinc coated....which made these 1944 zinc coated ones very valuable also. ( but the 1943 Copper penny's are the most valuable.....with the 1944 zinc coated ones being the next valuable )

Of course Jeff, then here comes your " quick buck " artists. Some people started taking the 1943 " zinc coated penny's and dipping them in copper and trying to pass them off as valuable 1943 copper penny's.

The best way to tell , if you ever do get hold of ANY 1943 copper penny's , is to take a good magnet and hold it over the 43 copper the magnet sticks to the penny, then it is a fake 1943 zinc coated steel penny, that has been plated or dipped in copper , to make it appear to be a real 1943 copper penny.

If the 1943 copper penny does not stick to the magnet, don't get too excited yet. First look at the 1943 date VERY close. See if the tail of the 3 extends way below the line of numbers in the date. ( Because some people took the 1948 copper penny later, and cut one side off the 8 , to make it also look like a real 1943 copper penny ). Once again , to make a quick buck. ( A real one , the " tail " of the 3 will extend below the date line )

An old Irish saying Jeff......." The dollar will never drop as low in value , as some people will " stoop " to get it.

These " Fake " 1943 copper penny's, are worth about 15 cents, as a novelty item I have heard.

( Last Fall , I was finding some 1944 copper wheat pennys, and as they many times come out of the ground dirty and hard to tell, I wanted to check to see if any of these 1944's would be a rare zinc coated 1944 steel penny. So I would hold the magnet to them. ( Using the "Magnet Test " above in reverse ). None of them would stick to the magnet.... as all of them were copper.

So , thats some that I learned in my research.

Is it possible to ever find a REAL 1943 true copper penny ????? ......or even a rare zinc coated 1944 penny ????...... well, Nothing is Impossible. And who ever would know what you might find with the DFX........but they truly are very rare indeed.


Re: Lead pennies
Posted by: Larry (IL)
Date: September 11, 2007 05:47PM
Very interesting Gary, thanks.

Re: Lead pennies
Posted by: Gary ( KY. )
Date: September 11, 2007 11:18PM

Your more than welcome my Friend.

I suppose it wouldn't hurt to check all the 1944 copper penny's in our collections , for the rare zinc coated one.

Also to keep an eye peeled for the rare " real " 1943 copper penny.

I imagine most people that save the " wheaties " over the years , have checked their collection long ago.

But they are out there, and where would they be ???

You guessed the ground , lost long ago.

Just waiting for the DFX to bounce a signal off one of them.

A long shot , but truly possible in my opinion.

Thank You Sir.........Best Wishes , Gary

Re: Lead pennies
Posted by: perchdoctor
Date: September 12, 2007 12:02AM
Gary thanks very informative, I'll be checking my collection of wheaties, I bought a small bag of them a couple years ago off e-bay, but I checked them no 43's in the lot, lots of 41,42,44,45, and up the oldest is a 34 lots in the fifities. The old timer that told me about the zinc pennies said that everyone just kept them instead of spending them, I'll have to see if he has any. Didn't realize pennies were so interesting. Too bad the ones made today are such crap,they rot away in the ground. Are any of the other wheaties worth anything, the ones I have are in fair to poor shape, just old. My sunray should be here tomorrow can hardly wait, might have to put away the backhoe:laugh: later guys

western ,South Dakota

Re: Lead pennies
Posted by: Gary ( KY. )
Date: September 12, 2007 01:38AM


I agree the newer penny's are lousy made. They sure don't hold up in the ground very well. Sometimes the newer ones are so bad, that the DFX picks up a really iffy signal on them, and with just a hint of a penny signal, and sometimes not even that. As I always dig most iffy signals, because some interesting stuff can be found many times, ever once in awhile, I will find a newer penny there, in terrible bad shape , some of it even eat away around the edges.

Then you find these old wheat penny's, from the early 20's etc., and some are in amazing condition many times. I agree, they sure don't make coins like they used to , thats for sure.

Most of the old wheat penny's are worth more than face value, many of them twice or three times face value. But there are also few of them worth few hundred dollars or more. But these are usually the really early ones ( certain early ones ), and a few later ones, 20's...30's.....that are " key " dates.

There are also ( in all coins ), misprints or certain things to look for. Rare, but still possible to run into one of these.

There are many good web sites on the Internet ( some better than others ), that have much information on all this.

Can do a search ( wheat penny value's ), or something along that line, and much info will come up.

Just sort through the web sites and find the reliable good web sites. You will know after looking at a few web sites, which ones are the good ones, that don't blow things out of proportion. Or may be a member of an origination that is trusted and tells it like it is.

Its lot of fun to research old coins and I just love the wheat penny's and much can be learnt.

If I can be of any further help on this , just let me know.

You will love the DX-1 from Sun Ray. It will make recovery of the target so much more enjoyable , so much quicker , and also leave the ground much less disturbed after digging, as it will put you right on the target.

When I mounted my DX-1 onto the shaft of the DFX , I only used one clip to mount it ( the DX-1 comes with two clips. ) I just used one, as I can get the probe off so easy and back on easy, and the one clip still holds the probe very tight. Makes it just a tad quicker this way ( and you also will have a back-up clip if ever needed down the road ). I also covered the end of the probe with 4 or 5 clear small plastic baggies , and held them on there with stout rubber bands. ( I suppose a person could even use a small piece of PVC pipe also ). I done this with the baggies, so the end don't get all scared up over time, while probing in the ground with it. When the baggies start getting roughed up on the end, I just pull them around to a different position, or most times, I change the baggies after every few hunts. You don't have to do this, as the DX-1 is very well made, but I done it, to keep the end of it looking good over the years.

Have fun Jeff. Go out there and find that Silver and Gold , and of course, all them great " wheaties " , that have been laying there all them years.

Best Wishes , Gary

Re: Lead pennies
Posted by: Johnny
Date: September 12, 2007 06:26AM
The wheats that you are looking for is = 1909-s vdb, 1914-d, 1921, 1922-d, 1922 with no D, 1931-s,.1943 copper.

Re: Lead pennies
Posted by: perchdoctor
Date: September 12, 2007 07:35AM
Thanks Johnny, I'll write that down, I would imagine finding those years will be tough, pennies were worth more or at least purchased more back in those times, now days I find pennies all over the place, but I still pick them up!

western ,South Dakota

Re: Lead pennies
Posted by: perchdoctor
Date: September 12, 2007 07:43AM
Gary thanks for the tips, I was thinking would shrink tube work, on the sunray,and I'll be paying a lot more attention to penny finds, have you ever found any of the rare ones yet, I've been thinking silver,silver,silver but should be thinking copper thanks again Jeff

western ,South Dakota

Re: Lead pennies
Posted by: Johnny
Date: September 12, 2007 01:23PM
Yes , I found 1= 1914-d not in good condition, 3 = 1922-d 's , and a 1922 with no D and I did send it off and had it graded and it came back VF, it value I have seen them sale for 1400.00. I think the silver my be the way to go , it stays better in the ground. To get the 5 pennies I have dug about 7500 wheat's. On the other hand I have found some nice silver coins like 1855-s half and a 1871-cc half , both XF & MS60. and the value is much more then the pennies.

Re: Lead pennies
Posted by: Gary ( KY. )
Date: September 12, 2007 01:53PM

Shrink Tubing I would think would be good. I had not thought of that. I used it for many years when I ran electronic games. I especially used it on Pinball Machine connections many times. I would slide it over the solder joints and heat it, and it would " Shrink " and protect very good.

Would work on the DX-1 probe end , I would think, and just slide it over there. I will experiment with this some. The baggies work great, but do have to be changed now and then as they wear through.

I really always wanted to get me a small piece of PVC pipe to cover the end. I might still look into this. But the shrink tubing should work well also I would think. A really good idea you have there about the shrink tubing Jeff.

No, I haven't found any of the rare penny's yet Jeff. I have only been to 3 or 4 places with my DFX since I have owned it , but I do cover a good place really well when I find an old place and I just keep finding more stuff. But I have found some pretty old ones. I think 1923 might be my oldest. I have found most of them in one old yard, dating back to 1916....with an old school ( still standing besides it ) dating back to 1909 ). Also an old " Cannery " the public used to use, in between. So , really good place.

The school has been detected I think, or fill dirt brought in over the years in the back also. I never had much luck back in the ball field. Or front yard of school either. But I sure do in the house yard and around the old cannery. I call the yard " Wheatie Heaven ". I also have found silver ( and some gold there also ) and other neat stuff, including a CW musket ball , maybe even from " Morgans Raiders ", that came through there during the CW.

I have not found any Indian head penny's around there though , which has kinda disappointed me really. But it would be border line for them around 1909 and 1916 I suppose. Still, I figured there would be a few around there somewhere. ( But I cant find them if they are not there, thats for sure.....even the DFX cant do that ).

I was gonna look up the dates to the old penny's that are in demand, but Johnny has got them covered in his post. Thats the main ones, adding the 1944 zinc coated rare ones.

I did get two misprint new quarters a few years back at a restaurant one morning, They had just gotten them from the bank. I got them back in change, and noticed them when I got home. Couple years after that, my wife was cleaning the house one morning ( flying around the house on her broom ) :nono: , and she by mistake mixed them in with other change, and one got spent by mistake, but I still have one of them. I have heard it is worth from 10.00 and I have heard 300.00 , but I have not researched it very well. You always find stuff like that when you least expect it.

Been so HOT and DRY here this Summer, and not a good time to detect really. So I have only went a few times this year. But plan on going more this Fall. I plan on going to a very old original log cabin deep back in the woods tomorrow morning hopefully. Most of it is still standing. Dates back to the 1800's maybe earlier and never been detected. I cant wait to turn the DFX loose in there. Maybe I will find one of them IH penny's there hopefully.

Thanks Jeff.....................Gary

Re: Lead pennies
Posted by: perchdoctor
Date: September 12, 2007 11:48PM
Gary I heard about the misprinted quarters they were upside down on one side, is that what yours were? I only found two old wheaties, Johnny how long does it take to dig 7500 wheaties, all from one area, thats a lot. I don't think theres that many in this whole area, you must be from the east, here in south dakota we made state hood in 1889 I think, and the whole state is under a million or 2, most of them were or are poor folk. farmers, ranchers. I was raised in the east side of south dakota farm country, but now live in the west side of the state and this country is timber (blackhills) and ranch country toally different from oneside of the state to the other. the east side has a lot of abandon farms and hope to get back there I think it would be good for detecting, not at good as Garys log home but better than around here the ranches around here have driveways that are ten miles long, so there around thirty miles from each other, makes it kind of hard to find the owners, so parks and in town will have to do for now. Does the DFX shoot thru rocks?
Johnny did you sell the penny worth 1400.00 or are you waiting for the price to go up:smile: gotta go for now later

western ,South Dakota

Re: Lead penniesN/T
Posted by: Gary ( KY. )
Date: September 14, 2007 09:44PM

(This message does not contain any text.)

Re: Lead pennies
Posted by: Gary ( KY. )
Date: September 14, 2007 10:42PM

I forgot to reply to this post of yours you sent the other day, sorry about that. ( I am getting forgetful...thats called old age ).

No, the misprint quarters I found a few years ago were not upside down ( I wish they were ), but they were or had a Molten look to them, is the best way I can describe them. They had just came from the bank , the girl at the restaurant told me, so they were brand new from the mint. It looked like the coating on them had " run " and the words and designs were not all filled out. Weird looking really. I had never seen anything like them.

When I was in SD ( Mitchell ) back in 86 , I remember the country being just the way you described it. The old homestead's in the east, sounds like a good place to detect Jeff, as you mentioned. Black Hills ought to be really good also, Gold country.

I do remember the farms being far apart and the farm houses far back from the road , like you said.

" Vast " Country out there. I was there the last of March and the first two weeks of April. It kinda looked like late winter out there, and when I came back home to Ky., the grass was tall and green and the trees leafed out, and everything seemed so close for a few days, felt like a jungle here , after being out there in the prairie. Blew my mind.

Mitchell was a very pretty place also, and I remember a pretty park being there that I used to go to. Might check that park out if your in that area. Turn the DFX loose in there.

I also remember seeing signs showing Aberdeen was north east of me when I was traveling to Mitchell. Did you used to live around the Aberdeen area when you lived in the east ???

About the DFX going through a rock. Recently I was deep in the woods, and picked a signal up along the edge of the creek. It was under a big rock. I had to move the big rock, to get to the target , which wasn't easy ( but I got a strong back.....and a weak mind ), and under the rock was another one of them empty .22 cal shell casing, one I had shot long ago while hunting down in there. It sure picked up that signal under that rock. Also I found a Dodge Brother's Badge ( from the 30's I have heard ), last Fall, right outside my door, under a big Pin Oak tree, and it was DEEPPPPPPPPPPP , Deep down. When I got down there ( this was before I bought the DX-1 ).....there was a VERY big tree root of the tree there, and the tree root was so big, I didn't want to cut it or maybe stress the tree in anyway, so I was about to give up, when I seen it, and the badge was under the big tree root, and the tree root had grown over the badge , and shoved down on the badge over the years and bent it slightly. So, the DFX goes through tree roots also.

I still haven't made it out to the old log cabin from the 1800's yet. I was going the other morning early, but something came up. ( Want to make God Laugh ??? Tell Him your plans ).

But I do hope to go there soon.

Have fun in the Black Hills Jeff.....find some of that Gold out there maybe.

Best Wishes , Gary

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