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Safari questions
Posted by: petew
Date: December 12, 2015 03:55PM
I'm reading alot about this Machine,and liking all I read.I actually have one in the mail,should be here Tuesday.
I had a few fbs already,and they're the best in my opinion. I just am not a tweaker,and saw no reason to keep the etrac.Although I have a 6x8 sef for the safari to use.
I saw something be posted about notching,I didn't know the safari had that feature,to notch out segments like the 705 does?
I'm pretty excited to get it,and another reason I am switching to safari over the other fbs units is weight.I read its lighter by a pound,that's huge plus for me.
The simple single digits are nice too,I always felt a little weird with the etrac,never knowing what perfect numbers to dig,whether iron or trash made the numbers change although it sounded good,bla bla bla.No question it was a good machine ,just too much fuss.
Hoping to make a few finds before Xmas,and post a few goodies.HH

Re: Safari questions
Posted by: banshee89
Date: December 13, 2015 01:38PM
Hello, I am not a regular on this forum... but maybe I should become one as it seems the Safari section needs some help.

To answer your question. Yes you can notch away with the Safari. Your 6 x 8 is an awesome coil on the Safari, and in my mind, the 10x12 SEF is the absolute best all around coil for the Safari.

15 with maybe a slight 14 or 16 are nickles. 34 to 36 = clad penny's. 36 to 38 = copper pennys, 37 to 38 dimes, solid 38 to slight 39 = quarters, 39 to slight 40... silver. I have never had a silver ring in at anything other than 39 although you will get the occasional odd piece of garbage ring in at a 39.

Thats with the 10x12 SEF. different coils and ground conditions can give slightly different numbers. A little stick time will tell you what the numbers a re going to be with your setup.

I run on Auto sensitivity, low trash, conductive sounds and display.

good luck with your Safari.

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Re: Safari questions
Posted by: Goldstrike
Date: December 13, 2015 04:14PM
Petew.....I also hope you have lot's of fun with your new Safari as well! I can't add much to what banshee89 has shared but call me crazy but I detect almost everywhere in A.M. switching from conductive to ferrous! in HIGH sens. The cacophony of sounds does not bother me at all. Using those settings, I can swing a little faster (within reason) especially detecting beach's and know I am not missing anything. I will slow way down in high trashy areas and 'notch' out -10 to 6+ but leave the rest open. I rely more heavily on sounds but also look at the numbers as well. I ground balance periodically especially when the terrain changes. If I don't, nickel i.d. numbers (14 usually) go higher (15 and above as in pulltab i.d.#) and other target number's i.d.'s get skewed. The Safari is almost as simple as it get's without sacrificing accuracy,speed and depth and of course, the FBS sounds can sound like a 'symphony' when you get used to them lol!!!

Re: Safari questions
Posted by: markinga
Date: December 13, 2015 08:50PM
Hi, Petew. I have read a lot of your posts on the other FBS forums. Like GS, I hunt in all metal most of the time and switch between ferrous and conductive modes. I hunt in ferrous and switch to conductivity to compare because it is easy to do. I like my 6x8 SEF in heavy trash and am thinking of getting a NEL Sharpshooter. The Safari is simple and a refreshing change from years of using a DFX. I never got the depth from the DFX that I get from the Safari. Enjoy the new toy.

Re: Safari questions
Posted by: petew
Date: December 14, 2015 04:11PM
Thanks Mark,I just got it today and I'm goin out tommorow. Seems like a very well built machine,minelab makes quality

Re: Safari questions
Posted by: bjones8103
Date: February 04, 2016 10:10AM
Anyone have any inputs on how the Safari does on small gold on the beach? I'm looking for a detector to fill this niche.

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