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Question on the Safari
Posted by: John 69
Date: January 03, 2016 10:39AM
Is the Safari few good on silver as is some of the other mine label are. Do they have good depth?

Yes John .................
Posted by: Elton
Date: January 03, 2016 12:07PM
The Safari is as good hitting some of the other Minelabs are. If your asking about FBS units.

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Re: Question on the Safari
Posted by: petew
Date: January 03, 2016 02:28PM
The safari imo is just as good a performer as the etrac or se pro,I've had both and currently have the safari.The etrac is faster in showing numbers,and it has more bells and whistles. I do 50 percent of my hunting at night,so a backlight is a nessesity the safari lacks.

Re: Question on the Safari
Posted by: RLOH
Date: January 03, 2016 07:33PM
John, the Safari is a deep FBS detector. I have found it to be as deep as the more expensive FBS units, with almost identical audio, but lacks the dual numbers. I have found clad dimes and quarters to share silver numbers. It is much easier to setup as it lacks some of the settings found on the Explorers and Etrac. All in all, it is a very under rated detector

Re: Question on the Safari
Posted by: KinTN
Date: January 04, 2016 04:04PM
That's the one thing I miss about my CTX- how nice that Safari silver tone is.
Short answer: yes.

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