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Why cross save
Posted by: Bigtom123
Date: June 21, 2016 08:52PM
I mean if you want ferrouse sounds in coin settings,why not set relic mode up with coin disc? Is there any other reason?

Re: Why cross save
Posted by: Goldstrike
Date: June 25, 2016 09:57AM
For many of us, it's easy to forget exactly the pro's and con's and the how to's of cross saving. You may want to google/search typing in the search box "What is cross saving on a Minelab Safari" . You'll get video clips and also leads to other comments on other forums re; cross saving and all the how-to's answering your original question. I personally haven't done much in the area of cross saving but for some detectorist's, it is another tool that for them helps to distinguish between ferrous and non ferrous targets using sounds while being able to eliminate the icons. I know I didn't answer the question but I think it's good to see the 'cross saving' program from all angles.

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Re: Why cross save
Posted by: Prep1957
Date: July 03, 2016 10:14PM
Main reason I do it is to get rid of icons.I also like to have more modes of conductive set up so I do not waste my time while out hunting.

Re: Why cross save
Posted by: kschae4
Date: July 12, 2016 05:18AM
As I've morphed into more of relic hunter, I don't find the need to cross save anymore. I hunt in relic or all metal and appreciate the ferrous audio response more than the conductive audio. In addition, I find it easier to distinguish audio on U.S. silver dimes and quarters in ferrous than in conductive mode.

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Re: Why cross save
Posted by: Dan-Pa.
Date: August 08, 2016 09:35AM
Actually not that clear in manual but some excellent video's on the procedure...Just gives you more alternatives in the field with two touches of a button and no fiddling while in the field. Try it and you might like...

Re: Why cross save
Posted by: Count Pierre
Date: December 23, 2016 02:15AM
I cross save AM with C & J, because I do a lot of beach detecting.

If I get a good signal, I can swap between the two modes & check the sounds.

It saves going from one side of the control panel to the other, & that's about it, so far.

Unless there is a better reason to cross save.

Andy's new Safari Handbook should arrive soon, so I will check out what he says about Cross Saving


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