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Low trash Vrs high trash
Posted by: oldmoney
Date: October 10, 2016 07:57PM
Which one of these settings will hit deeper objects? another question might be "how exactly does this setting work?" And What does it do for me?

Re: Low trash Vrs high trash
Posted by: Bill_S
Date: October 15, 2016 10:51PM
I have found I get better depth with the high setting.

From the manual.

High is the factory preset setting, suitable
for most common locations where coins
and relics are found, and also areas with
variable ground mineralisation. The High
setting detects targets at a faster rate, so in
areas with a lot of trash, particularly if close
together, the High setting is more likely to
detect the presence of a “good” target in
amongst a number of rejected or
trash targets.
In High setting, when rejecting certain
targets using the Accept/Reject function,
one or two more target ID segments/
numbers may need to be rejected in order to
fully ignore the target. However, if searching
for a specific target, a much narrower “Accept”
pattern is possible, allowing you to ignore
a greater percentage of unwanted trash or
other targets.
High is the preferred setting when detecting
in heavily mineralised or
variable ground.

In High setting, Safari’s signal response works
faster to pick out good targets in between all
the trash but requires a wider Discrimination
Pattern to reject a specific target. This is easily
demonstrated by attempting to use the
Accept/Reject function in High setting:
– Sweep the coil over a junk object that you
would like to eliminate, and attempt to
reject it by pressing Accept/Reject.
– Now pass the coil over the target again and
repeat the process
– The Safari will continue to find different
metals in the target and it will show
different IDs.
– It may require you to reject a number of
ID numbers before a specific target is fully
High setting can be used with a slightly faster
sweep speed, so is suitable for use during
competition hunts, or in areas where speed of
ground coverage is important.
Trash Density Performance Characteristics
Setting Accept/Reject
Detection in average
soils, and low trash sites
Detection in mineralised
soils, and high trash sites
Trash Density
Low Very good Very good Average – may miss
detection of nonferrous
High Average Very good Good
Low is a speciality setting which should
only be used in very clean ground such
as beaches or some inland locations such
as open forests and large fields. In these
locations, Low provides you with the most
precise target ID and allows you to create
a narrow Discrimination Pattern to reject
troublesome trash targets.
The Low Trash Density setting also has a
slightly better depth capability in most soil
conditions, but it is not recommended in
areas where targets may be close together.
The performance characteristics of the two
modes is summarized in the table below:

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Re: Low trash Vrs high trash
Posted by: oldmoney
Date: October 17, 2016 08:20AM
Thanks Bill, I bought my Safari used so I don't have manual to look these things up.
Thanks again

Re: Low trash Vrs high trash
Posted by: Champ Ferguson
Date: October 17, 2016 01:51PM

but the Sabisch book is really what you want.

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