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my first finds posting
Posted by: oldmoney
Date: October 13, 2016 10:56AM
Yesterday I had a few hours to kill, so I went to our family farm that is now owned by my great uncle and aunt. The farm was established around 1860 so I hoped to find a few treasures. I started by hunting under the clothes line that my great mother used back in the 20's and is still standing. All that I found was a dime from 1967 and a fist full of clothes pin springs that showed up as a 38 with a high tone. Then I moved on to the front yard by the driveway. I quickly realized that I needed to switch from the 11" stock coil to the 8" stealth. Soon after switching I found another modern dime, a 1910 wheat, a 1956 wheat, and a 1916 wheat. All of these were found at about 6 inches deep. then I came across a signal that looked a lot like a modern penny right near the surface and I almost didn't dig it. I am glad I did though because out popped a 1899 Indian head in fairly good condition. this is my oldest coin yet. I have only been at this for less than a year. I have only searched about 400 square feet of the yard so far. I hope to get back up there soon...its 2 hours away from me. hopefully I will have more to write about soon.

Re: my first finds posting
Posted by: GA1dad
Date: October 13, 2016 12:28PM
Cool,, good luck with future digs

Re: my first finds posting
Posted by: markinga
Date: October 13, 2016 02:37PM
That's great! Hope to see more posts soon. It is so dry here in GA that the ground is like a brick.

Re: my first finds posting
Posted by: surf n turf
Date: October 13, 2016 10:15PM
So cool old money keep pounding away at it there will be silver. Don't forget pics if you can.
HH Dale

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