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What Safari Coil Should I get?
Posted by: Brooklyn55
Date: November 27, 2016 01:34PM
What Small coil should I get to use on my Safari for coin hunting?

Re: What Safari Coil Should I get?
Posted by: kschae4
Date: November 28, 2016 05:21AM
Really like the Detech 8x6 SEF. It's a bit more sensitive than the stock pro coil 11 inch and causes me to slow down my sweeping motion even further. I haven't noticed any loss of depth in comparision to the pro coil.

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Ditto on the 6x8 SEF
Posted by: Andy Sabisch
Date: December 08, 2016 05:50PM
The 6x8 SEF coil is my primary go to coil simply becuase it does a better job sniffing out keepers from the trash which is where a good deal of the keepers are hiding and others avoid those areas. The DD design allows you to get close to stock coil depth (sees less ground and hence runs at a higher Sensitivity setting) and the smaller footprint can separate targets better.

Kellyco imports the Detech coils and it looks like it is on sale for the holidays at 30% off . . . that brings the cost down to $105 . . . that is a great deal.


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Re: Ditto on the 6x8 SEF
Posted by: Brooklyn55
Date: December 08, 2016 07:15PM
I have ordered a Sun Ray Stealth X-5 Coil for my Safari is that a good coil for coin hunting?

Re: Ditto on the 6x8 SEF
Posted by: Tinfoil
Date: December 09, 2016 01:20AM
6X8 sef all the way. That is what I use most of the time NS IA excellent Coil. It took the place of my Joey coil that I used for a long time. HH Jerry aka Tinfoil

Re: What Safari Coil Should I get?
Posted by: Simpsonslammer
Date: December 09, 2016 10:08AM
The NEL Sharpshooter shouldn't be overlooked either

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Re: What Safari Coil Should I get?
Posted by: Bigtom123
Date: December 14, 2016 09:46PM
Actually the stock coil does a great job at seperation ..I just sold a x5 and a x8..when I bought these smaller coils for my safari i always ended up going back to the pro coil, I cannot say I found anything with the small coils that the pro coil wouldn't have found. I'll never use anything other than the pro coil on any FBS machine .

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Re: What Safari Coil Should I get?
Posted by: DnD
Date: January 19, 2017 07:17PM
6x8 SEF is well balanced....meaning the coil depth is near equal throughout the coil footprint. I found the SunRay coils, albeit good quality, have a upside down cone shape to the depth range which means they have a greater depth in the center than they do at the edges. So when hunting a trashy area, you have to overlap nearly have the coil on a Sunray, but meannwhile the SEF you only overlap an inch or so.

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Re: What Safari Coil Should I get?
Posted by: Prep1957
Date: February 22, 2017 09:45PM
6X8 been using last 5 years dam good at sniping coins in trash.I only use Pro Coil for Cache Hunting.

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