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Will relic/ferrous mode pick up ALL conductive targets?
Posted by: Happa54
Date: March 13, 2017 12:22PM
Hey MD’ers…

Here I am again looking to open up more education for all, especially myself.

Now up over 100 hours on my safari. Maybe 120 +/-.

I’m researching everyday…maybe too much. As the saying goes, “paralysis through analysis”, so to speak.

First of all I’d like to say that I hunt the Los Angeles and suburban parks. In my opinion, and unlike the East Coast, Los Angeles may be lean on the relic side of MD’ing. We didn’t experience the Revolutionary War, Civil War, early American beginnings, etc., where relics are abundant. We’ve had a few Spanish/Indian/Calvalry small battles here and there with little emphasis placed and nothing really on the map indicating potential hunt sites.

Los Angeles is basically paved over everywhere you look and the burbs are newer with no history to speak of.

The California Missions and Spanish landmarks I’m sure are loaded with relics but these are off limits to metal detecting.

There are one or two stagecoach trails & stops but I don’t know if these are are huntable. We also have numerous mountain ranges and rivers that were once abundant with gold but I don’t think my safari is going to be of much help here.

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that my future is in “coinshooting”, which is what draws me to this new hobby anyway. Silver coins should be the most sought after target in L.A, IMO.

The parks I hunt I’m sure have been pounded to death but what else is there? Right? I look for that special little silver that has been overlooked.

I toggle back and forth between C/J, Relic and AM. I read everything I can on these three modes (and their respective programmable custom modes). I throw my own coins out and purposely pass over as much exposed trash as I can to become familiar with tones.

Thus far, one piece of advice from this forum kinda rang a bell for me. And that is “Open C/J mode and cross save to relic”, thus eliminating the icons which can affect depth/sensitivity performance, for one.

And at this point in time (maybe due to my lack of experience) I don’t see why I need to be in AM mode with all the high concentrations of trash and especially due to the lack of “pride-of-ownership” metal/relic finds, etc.

So, I’m thinking…. Is the relic mode cross saved to conductive tones where I need to be? Will I be missing conductive targets in relic mode? And if I’m in C/J mode, am I missing some ferrous targets?

I did score 3 silver rings so far in this mode and I have a ton of corroded dirty coins (none silver yet).

I typically open up 6 to 39 (in case I get lucky with gold jewelry) or sometimes I’ll just open up 14-15 & 31-39, depending on volume of trash.

I do love the higher pitched silver tones in AM but then I’m also getting other junk metals in high tones as well. Just so so confusing but I really need to stick to one mode of detecting. As they say… “jack of all trades, master of none”.

So what do you think? Relic mode with the conductive sounds in Los Angeles?

Side note: I have read Sabich’s Quattro/safari book 3 three times and re-read relevant chapters as I go along.

Re: Will relic/ferrous mode pick up ALL conductive targets?
Posted by: HighPlainsHunter
Date: March 13, 2017 12:38PM
Being fairly new to the Safari myself, I can't really say which mode you should be in as I'm still learning too. I can tell you that the icons have no effect on "depth/sensitivity performance. You won't loose either conductive or ferrous objects in any of the modes other than determined by the accept/reject settings. All 4 of the modes will give a response, on both conductive and ferrous targets, if they are all set to accept...

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