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Observations with my new 6x8 coil
Posted by: Happa54
Date: April 24, 2017 11:50PM
Hey all....

Today I spent approx 6 hours at a hunted out park testing my new Detech 6x8 butterfly coil.

I'm not sure what to think of it's performance. And I'm not sure it's doing anything better than my stock 11" coil.

But then maybe I just don't understand how it's suppose to work.

I wasn't hearing overlapping tones like I do with the 11" stock coil. It seemed I was hearing one tone at a time. Does this sound about right?

I dug up way more zinc pennies than I care to because the tone is higher pitched than with the 11". The zinc's sound like a dime or quarter with the smaller coil.

When you say "separation", exactly what does this mean? Does it mean the the high tone stands out above the low tone?

I wasn't impressed but then maybe I'm missing the big picture with this coil.

The one notable experience that stayed with me today is that I'm not hearing the usual zinc penny 35 TID that I'm used to with the stock coil.

Can someone enlighten somewhat on this 6x8 coil.

Thank you.

Re: Observations with my new 6x8 coil
Posted by: Prep1957
Date: April 29, 2017 09:11PM
Make sure you are running your sensitivity in manual, higher than normal not auto or you just wasted 6 hours.The separation has nothing to do with tones it means you will be able to get good coins in areas that you already hunted with stock coil in junky high area that the stock coil nulled out.Seperation from junk to good target could be as close to an inch.You made a great description of the sound in your post above how the 6X8 coil sounds like it is only giving single tones on your target you are not hearing all that useless chatter and overlapping noise like the pro coil makes.Do not be afraid to use factory settings for coin or jewelry you will not hear as many junky sounds as you did with pro coil.With this coil or pro coil if you are in an area with lots of small iron nails and iron trash do a ground cancel right on top of the iron targets that way the Safari will pick a set of frequencies that is best for hunting heavy iron soil while trying to cancel iron.

Re: Observations with my new 6x8 coil
Posted by: Happa54
Date: April 30, 2017 11:35PM
Thanks for your feedback Prep. It always accelerates my learning curve.

I maintain manual sensitivity at 16 (is this high enough?), high trash and Relic mode with conductive sounds. I only block out -10 to -1.

I just spent another 8 hours at the high trash park after my post above.

My last 8 hours after the first 6 were a different experience because I was more focused in anticipation of changes to using the new coil.

It seemed that the small coil was more focused on a specific target rather than randomly all over the place with overlapping tones, id #'s, etc.

But what was happening was the sounds were coming at me one at a time. There was the occasional chatter but not much.

I dug up so many copper pennies and dimes that I burned out on it. Towards the end of the day I was only listening for silver but unfortunately didn't pick up any.

It could all be in my head but my observations on this Safari with the 6x8 coil is that it is a big time coin killer. I can't tell you how many coppers, dimes and quarters I dug the other day. It was a different experience than with the stock coil. The high tones are extremely clear and concise.

On the other hand it is also picking up on old rusted steel irrigation pipe as clear as silver. I was digging 6"-8" deep and hitting pipe. It will fool you on this one.... be aware.

I think I'm keeping this one on for a while.

Re: Observations with my new 6x8 coil
Posted by: kschae4
Date: May 01, 2017 05:25AM
Since last summer, the Detech 8x6" SEF had replaced the pro stock coil. I also had to relearn the music Safari was singing. I know my tid and audio feedback was different for common finds. As you also hunt in relic mode ,try it without cross saving and experience the higher flutier tone of silver when under the coil. Notch /block out the junk as you encounter them. You may also try switching to low trash which uses a different algorithm, (not resetting as quickly as high trash) but it does provide a more accurate tid of the target. .Lastly, give auto sensitivity a go, especially in clean,non-EMI areas. I don't experience any loss of depth compared to the pro coil and don't miss it. As we all know as Andy wrote in both books, actual results will vary for each of us. HH

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Re: Observations with my new 6x8 coil
Posted by: Happa54
Date: May 02, 2017 12:49AM
Thnx for the feedback KS.

One of my problems is that once I maintain certain settings on my machine, I tend to leave it there unintentionally and ignore the other options on the Safari. I guess that's complacency settling in.

Although I have on numerous occasions switched over to the AM mode to acclimate my ears to the tones, I keep going back to relic/conductive due to the differences in the high and low tones that my ears have grown accustomed to.

I agree that the silver tones in relic/am have a distinct sound over conductive, but I still find myself working through high and low tones more efficiently in relic/conductive.

When I hear a low tone in relic/conductive I cross check in AM. If the tone is high in AM then it is most likely a pull tab or screw cap and I simply ignore. If the tone is low and also low iffy in AM, then I dig because it could be a nickel or something special.

This is only MY experience thus far as I only have approx 6 months in MD. But I'm putting in approx 12 - 16 hours per week.

I'm finding there are too many variables with this machine and I can only say I wish I would have started 30 years ago. I've missed out on a lot of excitement.

The 6x8 coil is giving me a bit of an education on this machine and something more to look forward to when I go out with it.

I'm going to re-read Sabich's book again to keep the basics in mind.

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