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New Safari
Posted by: RLOH
Date: May 31, 2017 11:29AM
Last summer I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis so I went on a rampage trying every light weight detector I could afford. They all were very good,but I kept comparing them to Minelab FBS detectors. For my style of coin hunting, these Minelabs work the best, but they are heavy. After taking a financial beating buying, selling, and trading, I gritted my teeth and told myself I could handle a heavy Minelab again. On a good day, I am lucky to be able to swing a detector for less than three hours so handling my new to me Safari is in that time range. I do feel the weight after an hour or so, but when you make decent finds, the pain is more bearable. This mornings two hour hunt was one that made me glad I got a FBS detector. I was hunting the base of some very steep hills that I have had success with in the past. I was finding some shallow clad and found myself swinging the detector too fast. I forced myself to slow way down and in a very short time, I got a very faint blip with high 30's numbers. The Minelabs are one of the only detectors that show good numbers on deep coins and this coin was no exception. A 30's wheat from 9 inches. I got myself locked in and methodically made 25 foot passes and was finding deep coins every couple of minutes. I ended up with 6 wheats, 3 mercury dimes, and one silver roosie. Every one of these coins were in the 8 to 10 inch deep range! By 10 am I had detected for just two hours and I was whupped so I called it a day. Now for the good, there are hundreds of feet more of these hill bottoms to hunt. I have seen others detecting, but it takes a special detector to get that deep. My settings: disc out -10 to -4, manual sens of 16, and slow mode. I had previously owned a Safari and hunted exclusively in fast mode, but after reading Andy's book, he recommended using the slow mode. I do have the coin mode saved with fast and more discrimination. With the Safari's interface, it is extremely easy to cross check targets quickly with a touch of a button. This is a very under-rated detector and it will surprise even the experienced people with it's performance.

Re: New Safari
Posted by: Champ Ferguson
Date: May 31, 2017 01:40PM
Agree 100%.

And you need a good harness to negate the weight of the detector. If getting up/down and the actual digging aren't a problem for you, I think a good harness will make a huge difference in your detecting experience. Of course, the Minelab one is the best and most expensive.

If you do get one, don't get a simple bunji system like a Swingy Thingy. They are good for what they do, but you need one that takes the weight off your upper body and puts it onto your waist. You the Minelab one. :thumbup:

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Ray..That is awesome !!N/T
Posted by: Elton
Date: May 31, 2017 10:32PM

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Re: New Safari
Posted by: kschae4
Date: June 02, 2017 05:12PM
Great finds... glad to see low density mode (slow) being used more often. Way back on this forum many of us had similar arm pains when swinging Safari.... If one didn't pick up a swingy thingy , we learned to switch off to each arm and shorten the length of shaft extension allowing detecting closer to one's body... ,HH

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Re: New Safari
Posted by: sasquache
Date: June 03, 2017 06:07AM
Love my Safari RLOH found many good items with it but I'm still new too this model. Good luck and just have fun lol

Re: New Safari
Posted by: cashmole
Date: June 04, 2017 01:18PM
I cant detect with the weight of the detector for long either. I made my own harness from a Condor battle belt and Condor H-harness and attached a bungee cord. Works like a charm. The swingy thingy is probably all you need. With me its my arm and hand that get tired. Thanks for the tips on your settings.

Re: New Safari
Posted by: clv
Date: June 15, 2017 08:12PM
I use a harness not sure of the brand, but it let me go for three to four hours, I have a lower back problem and wear a back support, I also take two
Advils' 30 minutes before I start my hunt ( the time it take me to drive to the beach) Work great.

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Re: New Safari
Posted by: Prep1957
Date: June 17, 2017 09:15AM
I can swing all day ,but feet give out 2 hours damn diabetes.

Re: New Safari
Posted by: Trashfinder
Date: July 04, 2017 11:20PM
I have the safari , se pro , etrac, ctx, and after running the others behind the safari I am starting to wonder why I still own the others. In my opinion it id's better than the other 3, and I dig less trash and miss very little to nothing with it, and when I do miss something I wonder if it was my bad gridding of my test areas. Operator error which is me probably. I think it it highly underrated.

Re: New Safari
Posted by: Happa54
Date: July 06, 2017 07:48PM
And I'm glad you told us your sens settings of 16.

If you would have said auto sens I would have banged my head against the wall.

You would understand if you see my earlier post "sensitivity level for my 6x8 coil". Especially my final comments on the last page.

The description of your honey hole is a fantasy for me.

Re: New Safari
Posted by: louie41
Date: July 26, 2017 09:00PM
When speaking of slow mode, how slow of a sweep say from side to side and how wide of a sweep? Like 4 ft sweep in how many seconds?

Re: New Safari
Posted by: dbado1
Date: August 02, 2017 08:36AM
Hi guys,
I've been looking at a Safari because of a friend's recommendation. I mainly relic hunt in very trashy areas (ghost towns). I have been swinging all of the "latest- greatest" fast recovery machines like the Impact as of late. Can the Safari hunt in the very trashy sites? Does it possess the recovery/separation speed? The depth/ID from the FBS machines is what I am looking for.


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