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Why so much trash?
Posted by: bd1024
Date: June 22, 2017 08:44PM
Hi Everyone, I have been considering purchasing a Safari, but as I watch the Youtube videos, It seems that people are digging loads of bottle caps, and other types of trash. --- I understand that we all dig our fair share of trash, and that some people dig everything, (not me) --- I will spend more time determining my best guess of what the target is before I dig. (yes, I realize that I miss some good finds)--- My AT Pro is great at predetermining my finds by using the "Iron Audio" feature--- with the X-terras, if I am not hunting in "all metal" , I will switch to all metal to listen for iron, with my T2 S.E., I will hunt in 3b mode to avoid bottlecaps, and with all the detectors, I raise to coil to determine approximate size of the target, and use other tricks that we all know and I won't bore you with. ---- So my question is, how do you determine your targets before digging? ---- Is it even possible with a Safari? ---- I have not seen anything on Youtube that was helpful. --------- Would appreciate your opinions and suggestions. Thanks!

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Re: Why so much trash?
Posted by: TomNH
Date: July 04, 2017 02:49PM
Everyone with any detector will dig trash. My dig or not decision is based on the sound of both
normal & pinpoint modes & the ground. A school playground covered with wood chips its dig it all. On
a putting green lawn its usually probe if shallow, think twice if deep. One thing about Safari & other FSB
most things are audio tone & a tad of the number. The other thing is trash often will not pinpoint
well. You just get the feeling for it.
Many complain about the tones being confusing. Take it to some playgrounds first & learn. My first
outing my squaw took over the swinging after an hour. I sat back in the shade & if I heard a tone I would
yell out DIME, PENNY, NICKEL or TRASH & be right 90%. Those tones are your best friend !
Now I run with zero discrimination & listen to all the tones without the annoying & coin missing MUTE time.

Good luck

Re: Why so much trash?
Posted by: Trashfinder
Date: July 04, 2017 11:11PM
Safari will null out if you have iron disced out. If it goes null go slow and listen for good tone. I have safari,se pro,etrac , ctx, I honestly feel like my safari id's better than the rest. I just finished a test at a house permission I have and ran all 4 with stock coils starting with safari first and went in price order. I missed very little with the safari that the others found. I picked a spot between two trees and worked back to the house staying between the trees. All searching was done in the same direction.

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