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Posted by: Texan
Date: June 25, 2017 10:17AM
I wanted to try the etrac because all of the hype.I have since heard the safari uses the same technology and gets the same depth. Also heard etrac has learning curve but safari is turn on and go.I don't want a learning curve so would the safari better fit my needs. Also whats a good price on an used safari.

Etrac [ Fisher1235 and F75 ] Whites Mxt and M6 [ Troy Shadow 5 ] Lesche digger,Whites TRX pinpointer. Love to coinshoot and attend competition hunts.

Re: Safari
Posted by: RLOH
Date: June 25, 2017 11:00AM
The Safari is a very capable FBS detector. It is my opinion that it's performance is as good as any FBS detector made. I have owned several original XS's, several Explorer 11's, several SE pro's, and three Etracs. I don't call myself an expert because in this hobby you are constantly learning and evolving. Time in the field with any detector will make anyone better. I have found the audio and depth to be very similar to any FBS detector. I never thought the higher end FBS detectors were that complicated, but the Safari is as "easy as they get" concerning the learning curve. The linear discrimination is easy to understand, but I do prefer the two dimensional screen of the other Explorers. They are very accurate with where the cross hair ends up on a target. But with any detector, the tones and their repeatability is the final factor to dig or not dig. I would say a clean used Safari should be worth 500 to 600 bucks. One with some warranty should be closer to 600 bucks.

Re: Safari
Posted by: Texan
Date: June 25, 2017 11:03AM
Two more questions:
Does the safari chirp a lot?
What is the depth meter like?

Etrac [ Fisher1235 and F75 ] Whites Mxt and M6 [ Troy Shadow 5 ] Lesche digger,Whites TRX pinpointer. Love to coinshoot and attend competition hunts.

Re: Safari
Posted by: RLOH
Date: June 25, 2017 11:35AM
I run my Safari hot, manual sens at 16-17. It does high tone on some junk in one direction, but will lock on a coin with a more solid tone from different angles. Running auto sens makes it very quiet, but I have found the depth to be about two inches less. I have a test garden and this is how I came to that conclusion.

The depth gauge is not all that accurate. It is a running gauge and when a target is half way down, you might figure a coin will be about six inches deep, but most of the time it is half that deep. On really deep coins, there will be just a sliver showing on the gauge. The pinpoint function is better than any other FBS detector. That is only my opinion, but extremely deep coins pinpoint small with quick audio which is like most better detectors.

I don't know if I would buy a new Safari with it's 999 price tag. You have to remember that Minelab is not servicing some of the earlier Explorer models, so watch what you buy used. Since Safari's are still being produced, we should be good for at least five more years. One additional thought. If you don't have a re-chargeable battery, this detector is a battery hog. Any of the rechargeable batteries for any Explorer will work so factor that into your cost of purchasing.

Re: Safari
Posted by: Champ Ferguson
Date: June 25, 2017 11:48AM
RLOH is right on in his advice.. I have read that the Safari uses the same processor as the etrac but just clocks it back. No idea if that is true but take it fwiw.

Use the depth gauge as a guide. if it says 4" coin and you have reached 8", stop cause its a large buried metal object. Pretty much true for most detector depth readings imo.

I get about 15hrs on a charge, be it disposables or Eneloop rechargables. However my Eneloops are the 2000mah and they make some that are 2800mah iirc. I strongly recommend them + a smart charger.

What I have seen, used Safaris are 700 or close to it, so I'm not sure if a bit extra isn't worth it to buy warranty/new. That's totally a personal decision. Remember that MSRP is a total joke- contact several dealers and get REAL prices. (and don't fall for the "we include a ton of worthless junk to artificially inflate the price" scam).

I bought my Safari years ago to see if I wanted to get back into detecting after decades long absence. I still have it and use it as a backup and loaner for friends and permissions where the owner wants to try his luck too. I cant see letting it go. It is na absolute Silver Hound; its more emphatic when it gets over silver than my CTX is.

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