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Safari Strikes Silver "Would you have dug it?"
Posted by: Trashfinder
Date: July 06, 2017 10:30PM
While working a curb strip to test multiple FBS machines today i got a repeatable sweet high tone with an ID of 31. The zincs come in around 34 to 35 and i pondered for a moment, but the tone was very sweet high tone. The tone was higher than zinc tones and i have always gone by tone first not ID.
The Safari depth indicator showed most of the way down so I dug it. Glad i did! The nail in picture was about two inches above quarter in the side of hole. I found it first and thought no way was that so high and so repeatable. Scooped the bottom with digger and out pops the 1944 quarter. I go with tones first even on my SE Pro, etrac, and ctx. Paid off again. Depth was just below black battery cover on the carrot.

Re: Safari Strikes Silver "Would you have dug it?"
Posted by: RLOH
Date: July 07, 2017 04:34AM
That is an interesting story. I believe that people willing to experiment will continue to learn. My hunting spots are places that myself and many others have detected for all my years in the hobby. The perfect, classic signals are GONE so I have taken to digging bouncing, iffy, or just plain different signals. I do sometimes leave zinc signals in the ground depending on location and how tired I am. You just proved what can happen when you ignore certain signals. The tones are the final determination on dig or don't dig. People say FBS detectors are slow and yes, they are slow, but a piece of silver will produce that famous "warble" even close to iron, if you are going with a slow sweep. I too believe that the Safari is not down grade from the other FBS detectors. Great post.

Re: Safari Strikes Silver "Would you have dug it?"
Posted by: Trashfinder
Date: July 07, 2017 09:01AM
I now own all 4 FBS machines, Safari, Se PRo, Etrac, CTX and have been hunting them over certain spots one behind the other and i am really impressed how little i can find behind the Safari. In my opinion it is VERY underrated for what you can buy a used one for. When i have gotten a good signal with one of the others i have pulled the Safari back out to see if i could detect what was there and mostly have found it was operator swing overlap that caused me to miss the first time with Safari, or too fast of a sweep speed. I intend to keep testing in very defined areas like the curb strips.

Re: Safari Strikes Silver "Would you have dug it?"
Posted by: Happa54
Date: July 07, 2017 12:15PM
I'm a newbie with easily over 400 hours on my Safari.

I used to pass on the zinc (33) sounds because I brainwashed myself into thinking that those ID's were zinc only.

After a knock on the head I dig anything high toned, coin numbers. Basically 30+ regardless of anything other reasoning because I know that it is a coin.

Now that I am digging ALL those high tones I have come up with a bronze coin and a couple of early 1800 buttons, and they all read low 30's.

The other day I dug on an ID of 31 and it was a dime. That was a surprise.

So, my answer is an ABSOLUTE yes.... I would have dug that 31.

Re: Safari Strikes Silver "Would you have dug it?"
Posted by: Champ Ferguson
Date: July 07, 2017 01:26PM
I don't think there is a better machine at telling you when the coil is over silver than a Safari. Its like the Safari Prime Directive is 'if over silver, ignore all else and sing the silver tune'.

Yes I would have dug I;, if I hear the Safari silver song, I dig until I find the silver. Safari don't lie 'bout silver. Its all about the music with FBS.

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Re: Safari Strikes Silver "Would you have dug it?"
Posted by: Goldstrike
Date: July 08, 2017 03:34PM
Yes, I would have dug it as well! Any signal that is out of the ordinary, I'll dig, especially if it's a larger target. Some pocket spills comprised of only coins can give some crazy unusual signals as well. I came across an all penny coin spill about 3 weeks ago and there must have been at least 20-30 plus penny's which gave some interesting signal/s! Considering some old timer's used kilner jars to hide gold and silver coins in the ground, maybe that unusual signal which sounds like foil or iron (picking up the signal from the rusting screw top ring thingy)! might just be a jar full of gold coins!!!.....Yeah right Goldstrike....dream on!!lol!!

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Re: Safari Strikes Silver "Would you have dug it?"
Posted by: klever
Date: July 11, 2017 03:02AM
I am with you Happa. I dig all my 34's(zinc pennys) I have been finding more and more different things other then the falling apart penny.

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