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new to the safari
Posted by: shamenlong70
Date: August 11, 2017 04:40AM
Hi guys i have just purchased my new safari,and boy I'm struggling on my local beach its like r2d2 on speed ,my local beach has a fair amount of iron scattered on it and more than a fair share of pull tabs what i don't get is I'm digging signals in the 37 range VDU graph indicator shows coin but when i dig it out check the whole nine out of ten times its a rusty nail ect can anyone recommend custom settings for these types of conditions please

Re: new to the safari
Posted by: sasquache
Date: August 11, 2017 04:49AM
If it says non ferrous it should be maybe you have it set in ferrous tone other then that I haven't hinted a beach yet with mine.

Re: new to the safari
Posted by: shamenlong70
Date: August 11, 2017 05:52AM
i had it set in relic mode stock program and noise cancelled but thanks for the reply

Re: new to the safari
Posted by: Champ Ferguson
Date: August 11, 2017 08:20AM
1) get Andy Sabisch's book on the Safari and read it. Then start over and Study it.
2) don't sweat your troubles right now. just swing and learn- try to improve every time out. FBS will take you about 40-60 hours until you really get the hang of it and then youll say it was Totally Worth It to endure those first hours.
3) Trust Your Machine. If there was 1 piece of advice I'd give all new FBS users, that's it(and that's probably true for all machines now that I think about it). The machine is doing what it was designed to do; its your job to learn what it is telling you.
4) go back and read the old posts here. after a while you will figure out some individuals that really know their stuff- pay particular attention to them.

Rusty iron reading high: not much you can do about that. that's what is called a 'halo' where the ions migrate into the surrounding soil/substrate and give a very different reading from what the iron alone would do. and of course rusting/halos form very quickly in the corrosive environment of a salt beach. If you hunt the same place a lot, you may figure out something in the tone that allows you to recognize a rusty nail, but after years and years of FBS hunting, I'm not confident enough to pass on a good signal. Or maybe I'm just anal/paranoid enough that I don't dare possibly miss a silver.

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Re: new to the safari
Posted by: Goldstrike
Date: August 11, 2017 09:43AM
Ditto to C.F.'s remarks.
Unless it's an obvious signal i.e. a penny or fuzzy foil signal, I think you'll find that most beach hunter's dig almost all of the targets anyway. I'm not sure how many rusty nails are on the beach's where you are but if there are only a few of them, I wouldn't be too overly concerned with digging a few of them. I always detect with no discrimination and as mush sensitivity as possible on the beach. I ignore all the penny signals (around 35) and unless it's a 38-39, I'll move on. Even then, aluminum cans can give you a silver (39) signal but it's easy to swing a sand scoop and check the target to see if it's a silver ring or a piece of silver jewelry, medallion etc;.

Obviously, when you go too close to fire-pits or spots where people randomly light fires in the sand, you run the risk of detecting masses of melted and buried aluminum beer and soda cans and junk but also nails and metal staples from burnt wooden pallets. If I want to detect around those areas, I might consider lowering sens; and detecting on the surface. I usually don't go near the fire rings though because it burns up valuable time that I could be covering the rest of the beach.
All that said, with deeper targets, the beach can give you some weird signals especially in wet or 'black' sand but as a rule of thumb, dig all unless your sure it's a target like a penny or those fuzzy aluminum and foil signals which are plentiful. Sorry to ramble on! lol.

Re: new to the safari
Posted by: clv
Date: October 01, 2017 12:51PM
Check you trash setting, should be set to high, put in conductive sounds and select coin and jewelry or just coin. When you swing the coil swing low and slow. Go left to right back to left, that should take 4 seconds, no faster. Put some sample targets to see how they sound in the real world include junk targets too. This will greatly aid you in understanding the Safari. Go by the sounds The meter is secondary

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