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need ID help?
Posted by: amcjavelin
Date: February 17, 2016 05:16PM
my father inlaw just recently passed away and was wondering what type of bottle this is does have a pontile on the bottom rolled flare lip and lots of bubbles through the glass.......could be a repro don't know?

Re: need ID help?
Posted by: amcjavelin
Date: February 17, 2016 05:47PM
I think I know what it is now fire grenade bottle

Re: need ID help?
Posted by: bootyhoundpa
Date: February 29, 2016 07:18PM
It does have the general shape of a fire grenade and many identifiable fire grenades have a good cash value.... if you match it up to a known manufacturer that would be great... on the other hand it does sort of have that repo look although the glass is nice and wavy and bubbly. .. almost any old bottle of that age period should have a certain amount of fine wear on the very bottom just from making contact with various surfaces through its long lifetime. .. however if its been professionally tumbled clean that could remove signs of honest wear... sorry for your loss... was he a collector or did he just buy cool things he liked? good luck..

Re: need ID help?
Posted by: ronaldj2
Date: August 11, 2016 07:37PM
Most fire grenades have the manufacturers name on them. Or some I.D. marks. Cool looking bottle non the less.

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