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Bottle probe?
Posted by: Batman74
Date: September 20, 2007 06:43PM
Where is a good place to buy a bottle probe? Thanks in advance.

Re: Bottle probe?
Posted by: scottmandoo
Date: February 04, 2008 02:33PM

A Privy Diggers Best Friend

As you are probably aware, finding a privy digging probe to buy, or someone to fabricate one for you, is hard to do. I have been making my own for 10 years. I have also made some for friends. Now I have requests from friends of friends. That is what gave birth to this page.

I am now offering SPRING STEEL probes to the public. They are made from recycled spring steel from the Automobile industry. I like the idea of putting others trash to good use.

The tips are designed to carry a good sample to the surface, as well as penetrate the ground efficiently. The handles are 12 inches wide to allow for a comfortable two handed grip.

The overall length is approximately 4 foot. Also available in 6 foot lengths. Custom sizes are also available, just email me for a quote.

Bongos 4 foot spring steel probes are only $35.00 USD . I can ship them anywhere, but shipping is free in the Continental United States. 6 foot probes are $65.00 USD and shipping is also free in the lower 48. If you wish to purchase a 6 foot probe, email me and I will send you an invoice.

I can offer no warranty, if you are using it right, you are abusing it !!

All pieces are welded solidly together, by a craftsman, right here in the good old USA. ME!!!

If you would like a Bongos Probe, just email me for instructions on ordering. Or press the buy now button at the bottom of the page for a secure PayPal transaction.

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"I'm like a kid in a candy store. The probe looks great and I can't wait to use it. My plans fell through for today but Monday is looking good. I will be keeping in touch for some spares. Thanks again for the probe and fast shipping. I'll spread the word. Ron"
From Silver Lake Ron on

An Awesome Website for the Bottle Enthusiast

"Hi Lee got the probes today! You are a true craftsman! I'll keep spreading the word
Thanks again'

4 foot probe


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Re: Bottle probe?
Posted by: Mr Seitz
Date: February 26, 2008 04:55AM
In a junk yard in a large car trunk....
I would never pay 30 40 bucks for a probe we make are own. 10 bucks tops and when they break or wear we fix them or make another. But if you cant make them I guess buying them is the next best thing. Even if you bought the steel form a junk yard and got someone to weild it it would be cheaper then buying one.Rick


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Re: Bottle probe?
Posted by: mike k.
Date: January 05, 2018 12:52PM
Go to your local auto wreckers find a 80's large car remove spring from trunk hinge take it home cut to desired length grind 1 end round weld a 12 " pipe on the other end for a handle - done (you can also weld a ballbearing , same size as diameter of steel spring , on the probe end ) . I made 2 of these they work excellent ! - very low cost . - mike

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