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Posted by: joe dirt_1
Date: September 28, 2010 02:07PM
I just got a Coinmaster Pro this morning and am ready to take it out for a hunt to see what it is capable of. Air testing it inside shows it to get good strong signals on coins and jewelry at pretty good distances, but of course we don't find coins and jewelry in air. This is the first Whites detector I have owned in about 30 years of detecting....pretty much used Fisher and Tesoro detectors all those years but wanted to try the Coinmaster Pro to see how it would work for a light weight yard hunter that had a meter. I will be comparing it to my Tesoro Silver

Posted by: joe dirt_1
Date: September 28, 2010 11:00PM
I took the coinmaster pro to a couple different sites this afternoon to give it a work out. Also took the tesoro silver

Posted by: nw1886
Date: September 29, 2010 11:01AM
Those little ol' Tesoros...... Big difference between a block metering and VDI readout so when talking lower costing machine, punch and response times rule over "spoon fed" info every time. To be fair that price point, there's not much of a downside and spoon feeding does make for a more enjoyable experience to someone just learning. They do find the goods (and pay for themselves quick).

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Re: WHITE'S COINMASTER PRO we got very different results........
Posted by: Ivan
Date: September 29, 2010 05:03PM
................up here in Washington State. Tested the Coinmaster Pro against the same Tesoro and the Tesoro was totally spanked!!!! Deep targets with the Coinmaster were hard strong hits......with the Tesoro you probably wouldn't have dug the targets. Whites loud alert saved the day. Depth on targets in dry sand was about 2" deeper probably because of the slightly larger Whites coil. The Coinmaster seemed to like nickels and foil even though it's not a high KHZ unit???Also in the slightly damp hard packed beach sand test..... we planted a nickel at 5 inches and.........with the Coinmaster the audio was a tad delayed and a bit weaker on first hit but came through surprisingly strong and clear after a few passes. On the Tesoro the original hit was weak and ....strangely got weaker on further passes????? That was odd!The bottlecap rejection of the Whites was simply superior. Yet it was marginally better than the Tesoro on rusted nails.The new Whites spider coil had very smooth audio and didn't produce the large number of annoying sputters and ticks.... that were common place with the Tesoro. The Tesoro was lighter and better balanced and had more coil options but both of us agreed that for performance up here in the areas we hunt the Coinmaster Pro was the winner hands down. I wonder if Monte in Oregon is getting similar results?? PS: Side note my buddy Rick traded away the Tesoro after our 5 hour comparison park/beach test.

Posted by: joe dirt_1
Date: September 29, 2010 05:14PM
A couple things I really didn't like about the coinmaster pro was the slow response time and no padding in the arm cup. The plastic arm cup was irritating my arm where it was rubbing on it and the lack of a locking nut on the stem caused some wobble to the lower shaft. It just felt like a bare bones detector and cheaply made. The control housing was pretty nice actually....very easy to use and simple to set up. If Whites would add some padding to the arm cup and address the wobbling lower stem and ship the detector with a smaller coil more suited for trashy enviroments it would have made a better impression on me I believe.

Re: WHITE'S COINMASTER PRO we got very different results........
Posted by: Larry (IL)
Date: September 29, 2010 07:44PM
I have to agree with you Ivan, your results are more in line with what I have experienced. I once owned a Silver uMax and a nice little detector it was but it was no competition to the Coinmaster and CM Pro. IMHO

Bells and whistles are nice, but nothing will substitute for the basic understanding of the hobby.

:minelab: CTX 3030

Ivan, since you asked, here is my 'report' on the Coinmaster Pro, the Tesoro, and other competition on the market.
Posted by: Monte
Date: September 30, 2010 10:04AM
This is not to be taken as "brand comparison" because, quite frankly, there isn't a perfect detector on the market that is suited for everyone. instead, this is just a response to Ivan's post and points to the benefits every make and model might offer to a wide-range of shoppers.

First, you have to consider the site environment, such as the density or compactness of the soil and the ferrous (iron) mineral make-up. In addition, there can be iron trash targets to deal with, and you can also encounter challenges from sweep speed, target response and recovery, audio target response, and all sorts of variables. Let's not forget the detector's Ground Balance setting to deal with the ground's challenges.

................up here in Washington State. Tested the Coinmaster Pro against the same Tesoro and the Tesoro was totally spanked!!!!
If I recall the comparison was the Coinmaster Pro Vs a Silver

Posted by: joe dirt_1
Date: September 30, 2010 10:25PM
Monte, thanks for the great post..... you are a wealth of information and I enjoy reading all your posts. As I stated earlier I believe the coinmaster pro would have performed better with a smaller coil than the stock 9 inch coil. I had lots of problems with the coinmaster falsing on me and couldn't get it to stop no matter what I tried. The coinmaster might have a few features more than the Silver

Posted by: oldcoon
Date: October 01, 2010 07:13PM
I do not know the circumstances these 'tests' were carried out.
Had I been conducting the tests my Silver uMax would have won.
Because I own and use a Silver uMax.
I know all that machine's nuances.
I would have been merely playing around with the Coinmaster Pro.
Hardly a fair test, don't you think?
The proof is in the pudding.
I care only about what I can do with a machine,
not what someone else does.

Dispenser of sage wisdom.

Posted by: mic.b
Date: July 29, 2012 01:28PM
Having bought a nearly new Coinmaster Pro I found the tone Id to be accurate and the depth above average if the sens was set right for the ground.NO gripes for the price,as good or better than a friends Ace 250.I had to downgrade and sell my previous machine(MXT)due to Xmas financial pressures and I am pleasantly suprised by this machine.Judicial use of sensitvity allows for wet or dry sand searching and tho not brilliant gives a good account of itself.Dont be too hard on this budget machine its good value if you dont expect too much.

Posted by: padgett79
Date: July 29, 2012 05:30PM
as for the no padding issue you can use the same replacable pads that the xlt dfx v3i use for about 1.50 from your local whites dealer may take he irritation off the arm and I agree I wish they would have put the locking lower shaft on the detector.

is there such a thing as too bad a day for detecting?????? I think not
Whites; XLT,VX3,V3i and now a Beach Hunter id 300

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