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Whites 6.59MHz Machines Obsolete?
Posted by: berryman
Date: June 25, 2014 08:03PM
All of White's newer VLF offerings seem to be 14MHz or 15MHz machines, presumably because they're more capable of locating low conductor targets. Where does that leave the older 6.59MHz machines (e.g., Classics, Eagle, etc.)? Have they been rendered obsolete or are they superior to their high frequency brethren when it come to locating high conductor targets (e.g., silver)?

Conversely, if I'm after gold jewelry, am I making a mistake if I'm using one of the older 6.59MHz machines?

Re: Whites 6.59MHz Machines Obsolete?
Posted by: Elton
Date: June 25, 2014 09:16PM
I have found the 6.59 work very well on silver. I think the VX3 and V3i use all three super low, med, and high for hitting all areas.. DFX used 3 & 15 if I remember correctly.

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Re: Whites 6.59MHz Machines Obsolete?
Posted by: yowow#1
Date: June 25, 2014 09:55PM
I love the frequency options of the V3/V3i/VX3. you can choose.. 2.5,,,,7.5,,,,22.5... Or all three. I love the 2.5 for looking for non-ferrous metals. Good luck

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Re: Whites 6.59MHz Machines Obsolete?
Posted by: khouse
Date: June 26, 2014 08:52AM
The 6.59 machines do just fine in finding gold jewelry. They did it (still do it) for years. No, your not going to find the smallest of gold at depth like tiny stud earings or nuggets like a higher frequency machine. There are still manufacturers making machines under 8khz and doing just fine. Detectorpro makes underwater machines at 2.4khz and users say they hit gold just fine. The key factor is still the same wheather you have a 2.4 or 25 khz machine - You must get your coil over it..................

Re: Whites 6.59MHz Machines Obsolete?
Posted by: Hombre
Date: June 26, 2014 07:37PM
Obsolete? Well.... White's thinks so cause they dropped their last 6.59 kHz machine a couple of years ago, the XLT. Are the 6.59 kHz machines Obsolete to me? Not Hardly! I like my old analog 5900 CB, then the 6000 Pro XL with tone mod and last but not least is my IDX Pro Mr. Bill modified. Non of the digital higher frequency machine have interested me at all, I still prefer good old fashioned knobs and switches. As a testament to the 6.59 kHz affinity for gold, my 5900 CB nabbed a heavy 10Kt gold class ring at about 8" deep with an 8" search coil. Of course I had the 5900 tuned to the gills with a high Signal Balance setting (3:00) and a slight positive GB. I found the ring in a sea of can slaw with foil to nickel readings on every swing, (dug a bunch of them too) Then... I got this sweet tone through my headset, looked at the meter and it read pulltab, I pinpointed it and the analog needle swung way over to the left reading 6 inches. It reads shallow when running a high Signal Balance. I dug a 6 inch plug and I chased the signal down with my UniProbe Headset pinpointer. The ring was a beauty, a heavy woman's 1936 class ring. Just beyond the reach of my 7

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Re: Whites 6.59MHz Machines Obsolete?
Posted by: khouse
Date: June 26, 2014 10:02PM
I like knobs too. Although some of my machines have menus and knobs. There's just something sweet about looking down at your machine and being able to see every adjustment with an easy to adjust knob. Oh, let's not forget about toggle switches too. :thumbup:

Re: Whites 6.59MHz Machines Obsolete?
Posted by: berryman
Date: June 26, 2014 11:14PM
Hombre: I have a Mr. Bill modified IDX Pro as well, but I must admit that I haven't used it much opting instead to use the M6 and the MX5. I think I do this because I've convinced myself that the newer high-frequency machines are better. Based on your response, I suspect that I've probably done myself a disservice in neglecting the IDX Pro and assuming that the newer machines have made it obsolete.

I'm definitely going to pull it out of mothballs and start hunting with it more. Thanks.

Are Whites 6.59MHz Machines Obsolete? ... Correction, and NO,
Posted by: Monte
Date: June 27, 2014 10:50AM
they aren't obsolete, they're just not in current production.

The operating frequency is 6.59 kHz not mHz.

One reason White's, or some other manufacturers, might settle in on a particular frequency is for search coil compatibility among their line-up.

The still have the lower-end Coinmaster models (three of them) that operate at 8.1 kHz, but the MX5, M6 and MXT All-Pro are in that 14 to 15 kHz range which still work just fine. I keep a few detectors in my vehicle all the time to be ready for different tasks at the types of sites I hunt, and my MXT All-Pro I keep a 9" Concentric spider coil mounted to for open area searches. It's my #1 versatile detector. My quick-grab 'back-up' is the newer MX5 with a 6

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Good post Monte
Posted by: therover
Date: June 28, 2014 10:46AM
I concur about the MXT Pro. Super machine. I bought mine from OregonGregg, along with 3 coils, and it's been a great investment. I got the SEF 8x6 after I bought it, and it's the main coil I use on it now.

Those 6.59kHz units from Whites are awesome machines and I hope people don't forget about how good they are.

Re: Whites 6.59MHz Machines Obsolete?
Posted by: Harold,ILL.
Date: June 28, 2014 03:22PM
Don't forget about the QXT-PRO. This is one of Monte's favorite detector's.:poke:

Re: Whites 6.59MHz Machines Obsolete?
Posted by: bootyhoundpa
Date: June 29, 2014 05:46AM
I have the 5900 and use the 5.3inch coil for park hunting...very good target separation and good will hit fine on gold, you just have to be willing to dig it.. as far as how well they stack up against newer machines, I dont know...

Re: Whites 6.59MHz Machines Obsolete?
Posted by: Dan-Pa.
Date: June 29, 2014 08:54AM
Bite your tongue as these units in experienced hands as still getting the goodies even though 20 plus years old. Whites builds them to last and certainly backs their products...
Found some nice small golds rings with an XLT and don't forget that old 5.3 coil. To each his own and many original Eagles are still going strong a decade plus later....

Re: Whites 6.59MHz Machines Obsolete?
Posted by: 5900_XL-1
Date: June 29, 2014 12:22PM
I'll tell you 5900 which was my first detector ever, cleaned out my front acre in my yard in 3 months time. I was cutting my teeth in the hobby and it took me a week to find a single coin due to me trying to figure out the swing speed and the ground balance. I then began finding coins, tokens, and some somewhat deep also. I then ordered me the V3i after my finds dried all up on me. The V3i has maybe found 30 cents in my yard in 4 years time, and that proves two things to me. #1. The 6.59m machines gets the job done. #2. A place can be hunted out.

I couldn't believe all of the treasure I found with the 5900 in the summer of 2010, and anybody living in North Texas in 2010 can attest that was a grueling summer to even get outside.

The 5900 vacuumed away all treasures here in only 3mos, so the brand new V3i had none left. The old machines still work, even though mine needs some fixin' today, so it's only a "newely lost ring" machine for me. When you now own a V3i and a M6, even the 5900 if it was re-certified, wouldn't see much use. It's just too heavy and requires a much faster swing speed. I only ran the 950 coil though.

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Re: Whites 6.59MHz Machines Obsolete?
Posted by: OregonGregg
Date: June 29, 2014 10:00PM
heck no the 6.59KHz machines are not obsolete. Some of the best machines White's has ever made even to this day are some of the ol' 6.59 machines. ( Classic series, XLT, XL Pro) to name a few.
I couldn't imagine hunting a ghost town or old homestead site and not having my good ol' Classic IDX with me. As Monte said in the above post, I have picked up several Classic Machines just to have and store away. The Classic machines worked great 20 years ago, work great today, and will work great 20 years from now :smile:

Hot idx classic sl:detecting:
Posted by: C.J.M.
Date: July 25, 2014 09:26AM
yep, the 6.5 kHz is here to stay,have a idx classic SL with a hot 6.5" blue max 600 deep scan coil that hits 9--10" easy at the beach.its very minty and its for sale on this forum.will upgrade to mx5 soon I hope.:thumbup:

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