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White's TREASURE Pro
Posted by: Des D
Date: August 22, 2015 12:59PM
Hi all,

Does anyone have any good reports back on this machine yet?

Better than Prizm's, M5, ???

Des D

Re: White's TREASURE Pro
Posted by: Larry (IL)
Date: August 22, 2015 05:46PM
Not sure about this but I don't think it has been released yet Des.

Bells and whistles are nice, but nothing will substitute for the basic understanding of the hobby.

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Re: White's TREASURE Pro
Posted by: undrpar
Date: August 22, 2015 06:31PM
They are in stock at kellyco!!

Re: White's TREASURE Pro
Posted by: Larry (IL)
Date: August 22, 2015 07:00PM
:thumbup: We should start hearing some reports before long then. Just heard they were released yesterday and I bet Monte has some inside info he could talk about now. :devil:

Bells and whistles are nice, but nothing will substitute for the basic understanding of the hobby.

:minelab: CTX 3030

A Bad Bet, Larry ... :shrug:
Posted by: Monte
Date: August 24, 2015 10:58AM
Larry (IL)
We should start hearing some reports before long then. Just heard they were released yesterday and I bet Monte has some inside info he could talk about now. :devil:
This time, I have absolutely NO knowledge of the Treasure Pro. No hands-on, no personal engineers input comments, just haven't got a clue..... except for trying to pick through what they initially posted in flyers and what is on the Website description of this model as introduced.

On a favorable note, we read initial ad flyers that said the Treasure Master has Automatic Ground Balance. That was it, and such a statement suggests it is similar to competitor's models such as the Teknetics Gamma 6000 or Omega 8000 or Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro that allow the operator to use a "Ground Grab" function to achieve an Automated Ground Balance, and then you search at that GB setting. You could then up-date the GB by using a pushbutton or trigger toggle selector on such models to achieve a fresh GB using the Automated GB circuitry should the ground mineral environment change.

That's how most of the models on the market today make use of an "Automatic" or "Automated" Ground Balance. It is a function to adjust the detector to the ground mineral at the place you want to search, and it holds that setting until you decide to change it. However, .. reading the specs under the Treasure Master on White's website states: Treasuremaster's true Automatic Ground Balance adapts to ground conditions as you hunt for increased depth and sensitivity to small targets. That implies the $299.95 Treasure Master has an Auto-Trac® circuitry so the Ground Balance adapts to the ground conditions as you hunt, and that's different.

The advance flyers for the Treasure Pro stated it also had an Automatic Ground Balance with Track Lock. That would imply it uses an Auto-Trac® circuitry, with the provision that allows the operator to 'Lock' the GB setting and halt the auto-tracking update as you go. I personally prefer to achieve and Lock a GB setting for most applications.

However, reading the new Treasure Pro info in the White's Website for the $399.95 Treasure Pro, it states: "Treasurepro's true Automatic Ground Balance adapts to ground conditions as you hunt for increased depth and sensitivity to small targets" which is exactly the same as the Treasure Master, and there is no mention of a 'Lock Track' function as initially announced. That would make both these models have a continuous Auto-Trac® behavior and no ability to lock-and-hold a desired setting. That would be similar to the current MX5's operation, which is one thing I personally do not care for.

For the 'average' Coin Hunter working a big park or school or park lawn or a sports fields, that would likely do just fine. But for someone like me who concentrates most of their efforts on a very iron infested site, it can be trouble such as I have experienced with the fast-acting Auto-Trac® function actually off-tracking to the almost continuous iron encounter, especially nails, and the result can hamper depth, good target detection, cause falsing, and in short just not be good like a fixed or Locked GB adjustment.

I don't care for who is running or how their website is handled, because if you click on Detectors, they are not in any logical order, not by price or by alphabetical ranking. Then, since you see the two new models to the right of the top-of-the-line V3i, you might want to refer to the 'SERIES" listing to the left. The "Spectra Series" has the V3i and VX3, so that makes sense. The M-series has the MXT All Pro, MX5, MXT and M6 (not in any logical order) so that makes sense for those models to be there, but ... where is the new 'Treasure Series?"

You have to click on the Coinmaster Series, and that's kind of a slap-in-the-face, as I see it, if these are supposed to be NEW models in a series bearing a different "model name" and since they are replacing the Coinmaster Pro and Coinmaster GT. They don't say "Coinmaster" in any of their ad literature pieces, and that hints that there's a disconnect between the design and production and engineering and marketing and other departments at White's. They should all be working together to ensure all model details and marketing work is in harmony. Instead, to me, it rings a sour note.

By the way, the $399.95 Coinmaster Pro that replaced the Prizm 6T used the 6T's circuitry, featured Auto-Trac® plus a 'Lock-Track' function, the newer MX5, at $599.95, only offers Auto-Trac® and does NOT have the 'Lock-Track' provision. Since the advance flyer had the 'Lock Track' listed for the Treasure Pro, but it is not shown on White's Website for this model, maybe they decided to omit it in part of the delayed release?

Also kind of dumb is that they do not have the Treasure Master (listed on the Website for a while) or the new-release Treasure Pro Owner's Manuals listed on their Website yet. That means we can't go in a read the manual to confirm what features/functions these models do or don't have.

So, not having handled one yet (I will this week) or being privy to any inside information, and left confused by what was and what isn't in the advance flyers and current Website details .... I think we are ALL going to have to do a wait-and-see before we hear anything about these detectors.

I do know two other things that I have/had an interest in. I know that the Prizm then Coinmaster series had models with both a delayed response (the lower-end) or a faster-response (the Prizm 6T and Coin GT), but none of them could handle my Nail Board Performance Test which is an excellent method to evaluate a detector's recovery and Discrimination processing abilities to just barely reject iron nails and respond to an Indian Head cent in the #1 centered position. This NBPT has been used for 21+ years now to help sort models that can be considered better-achievers for hunting my types of sites with a dense scattering of nails and other ferrous junk.

I am seriously hoping the new Treasure Master and Treasure Master Pro models will have improved performance for such hunting challenges. But this also brings me to one other thing I know, which is really two things, and that relates to search coils. I know that that since about 1987/88, when White's went to a 950 coil as standard in place of the long-traditional 8" size coil, most of the popular detector trend seems to have been to offer a bigger (meaning over 8" diameter) search coil as 'standard', and that even applied to White's Classic III Plus and IDX Pro models as well as the "upper-end" priced detectors.

In doing this, we still usually saw the lower-end or "entry-level"/"beginner level"/"novice" line of detectors coming equipped with the old-standard 8" diameter Concentric coil, and some even a smaller-size search coil. That was great because 'most' average hobbyists only get out on an occasion and usually it is to hunt a park or school playground where there are metal structures to deal with, or even out in a sports field with metal fences and back-stops, etc.

Even today we see many of the lower-dollar models so equipped, such as the Tesoro Compadre with your choice of a fixed 6" or 8" coil, or their Silver µMAX (pronounced microMAX) with an 8" coil, the Teknetics Alpha, Delta and Gamma with an 8" coil and their newest DigiTek with a slightly elliptical Out-of-Round (I call them an 'OOR' coil shape) 7" Concentric as standard, on typically lower-cost models.

These are often bought for and/or used by younger people or those just trying to get started and learn the hobby, and the urban sites they generally hunt can also be littered with foil, pull tabs and bottle caps around picnic areas as parks, etc. Smaller coils are lighter in weight, easier to use (especially for younger or smaller people) and most of them are Concentric design so they are also much easier to Pinpoint with, and handle ferrous trash better. They can also produce more accurate visual TID read-outs.

But a recent trend seem to be offer detectors with a Double-D coil, especially one that is 'over-sized' for most people using it or many of the places they are likely to hunt. When I evaluate any detector, I like to see what it can do for me and the tough places I tend to hunt, but I also test them to see how they will work for a newcomer to the hobby, both by trying to put myself in their shoes, where I was half a century ago, as well as having kids, grandkids, friends and club participants handle the detectors so I get additional input.

In this case, as a continuing bad trend, we see the 9" spider Concentric coil on the lower-priced Treasure Master, and while I like the coil on some models, such as the MXT Pro for open areas, I think it is a little over-size for many beginners. The Treasure Pro goes one worse by offering an even bigger and heavier coil in the 10" D2 size, and it is a Double-D type coil. Much more difficult for a beginner to learn to Pinpoint with and use comfortable. And worse yet, the ONLY optional search coil White's offers for these two new models, the ONLY one, is a 4X6 Elliptical Prizm Double-D. No other Concentric. No other round-shaped coil that can be easier to use and Pinpoint with, such as the 5.3 (6½" diameter) coils for most of their other model series.

Since I don't have any 'secret input' to offer, no prototype hands-on, and also since a lot of information is not available for us Online yet, even from the manufacturer, we all get to do a wait-and-see, and I won't have the opportunity to use the new models until sometime by Sept. 3rd when I get with a couple of dealer friends for a review of what's new on the market.

I will say I am glad to see rods that are not all black. I do like to see the bright, easy-to-see displays. And they do appear to be reasonably light by design (depending upon coil weight), and I honestly am excited about handling them and hoping I will see some improvement in field performance and value in comparison with a lot of competition out there. We all need to acknowledge that the overall trend with all major manufacturers is to get away from the higher-dollar models and gear more sales to the lower and middle price-range offerings. More top-end models are in the $599 to $799 price range and they have a lot of lower-to-medium priced new entries out there. I hope the Treasure Master/Pro models have marked improvements and can hold-their-own for White's, and I also hope White's will produce one or two new accessory search coils, such as a 5"-7" round Concentric size.


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Re: White's TREASURE Pro
Posted by: eSCANZ
Date: August 26, 2015 02:17PM
Surely Whites Marketing should be up to the task to let potential customers know the features and operation of their new toy -

Or is this just another, quietly release new product on to the market and let the customers do the launching/promoting?

Re: White's TREASURE Pro
Posted by: Flintstone
Date: August 26, 2015 06:14PM
Just wait till you guys get to try the Pro, The Master is very good but the PRO you will not believe for the price. Some of you want a cheep detector to carry in your car for that drive-by park, the Pro will soon be your go to detector even if you have a 800.00 detector. Mine will be in Wed next week, but don,t think I will return this one till I get mine. My friend" DEALER " wants his back. I told him NO CAN DO till I get mine. See if you can find one to try just for one day, and see if you want to take it back. flintstone

Re: A Bad Bet, Larry ... :shrug:
Posted by: MI-AuAg
Date: September 01, 2015 10:03AM
In regards to the coil configured with the TreasurePro I was happy to see it was a DD offering!

When I bought a Bounty Hunter Platinum (basicall the same machine as the Teknetics Gamma 6000) years ago, it was configured with the 8" concentric. Within a week, I ordered a Fisher F5 11'DD for it. It was like the difference between night and day in performance. Much deeper, better coverage with no loss of sensitivity. I wish the Platinum HAD come with the DD, the cost to buy one, was half the cost of the original machine.

Re: White's TREASURE Pro
Posted by: dirtmaster
Date: September 27, 2015 10:21PM
The Treasure Pro does have the Trac Loc

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Re: White's TREASURE Pro
Posted by: hammer0419
Date: February 22, 2016 05:48PM
The Treasure Pro does have the Trac Loc

No where on whites site can I find it has Trac Loc.

Re: White's TREASURE Pro
Posted by: Larry (IL)
Date: February 22, 2016 06:43PM
I answered your question on the Treasure Pro forum. Pressing the Tracking button turns tracking ON and Off. (Off is lock)

Bells and whistles are nice, but nothing will substitute for the basic understanding of the hobby.

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Re: White's TREASURE Pro
Posted by: Cajundirtdobber
Date: March 23, 2017 09:25PM
I was looking to compare the TP to the minelab x terra 705 i guess the pro does not compare to the 705 i cannot find nothing with these to units

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