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MXT PRO compared to a DFX
Posted by: johnnymac
Date: December 01, 2016 02:33PM
I'm looking for info on these 2 detectors. For general use, dirt lots, sports fields and relic hunting.
Thank you

Re: MT PRO compared to a DFX
Posted by: Flintstone
Date: December 02, 2016 01:39PM
Both detectors are very good, but if you want to do a lot of scrolling and punching of UPS and Downy's on the screen then the DEX is for you. If you want to hunt just as well, and find just as much with a turn of a knob, the the MXT is the one to get. I have had both, and still have the MXT. I like to make a change over the same target sometimes to see if I can get a better id of what I have found. I can do that and just keep walking with the MXT, but with the DFX you almost need to set down and play with the thing for 10min. Good luck, you can't beat a Whites on either one.

Re: MXT PRO compared to a DFX
Posted by: therover
Date: December 03, 2016 06:10PM
I agree with Flint that for your use, the MXT Pro is probably a better, simpler unit to use. If you were to venture into wet salt sand hunting, the DFX is the ticket. Saying that, there is a sweet used DFX on the classifieds for a super price. DFX has lots of options and the ability to tweak as well as being able to hunt in 3, 15 or both frequencies which does help when the ground conditions get tough.

Not sure if you are looking new or not. DFX new is a higher priced unit but not even sure if dealers still have them new.

I have them both and gotta say the MXT Pro is one simple yet powerful unit in the dirt for coins and relics. I have 4-5 coils for it and love the Whites 5.3 concentric and SEF 8x6 on it.

One thing that is great is when you buy a used Whites, their service is excellent if anything happens to go awry. At least in my experience it has been super.

Re: MXT PRO compared to a DFX
Posted by: Mega
Date: December 04, 2016 02:29AM
I have owned and used a DFX for about 15 years and with 1000s of hours on the clock,but in all honesty i wish i had gone down the MXT route option instead,basically the only real advantage if you could call it that is as above the dual freq wins for wet beach work,but as i live so far inland here in the UK then i dont do beach detecting,so the MXT would have been a far better learning ride i think.

If a MXT came along at the right price i would add one to my detecting arsenal,must admit my DFX just gathers dust these days,i take it out occasionally with the Hotshot coil and SEF8x6 coil on,must admit the reason i dont use it as much is that i require slightly lighter machines and the Deus and T2 are more suited as everyday machines in not only being lighter but better basically in all departments ie depth,better target separation.

Have used a MXT on and off over the years that folks have lent me,and the MXT would be the chosen machine,its still being made but the DFX stopped production a few years back,if i am honest i think the MXT days are limited as well,as the MXT when they finally get the teething problems resolved will take over the MXT as its replacement and also with that extra bonus of being totally waterproof into the bargain.Just my opinion of course.

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Re: MXT PRO compared to a DFX
Posted by: DJB_78_0844
Date: December 07, 2016 11:48PM
I have had both. I think the MXT is a lot easier to use. And I think its a more powerful machine!! I had an XP Deus for a while and I just went back the the MXT Pro. It is a great machine all around. It does everything I need it to do. Without all the scroll menus.

Re: MXT PRO compared to a DFX
Posted by: Southwind
Date: December 08, 2016 02:13PM
Maybe the MXT Pro, but I'd take a DFX and day over the MXT. I've had and tested both. The MXT is probably the better deep coin machine out of the box, but the DFX is a killer tot lot machine. Set on 15 kHz only and that sucker kills the gold. I love the tone ID. The old MXT has no tone ID MXT Pro does. I would say the MXT is deeper but a good tweaked DFX will stand right with it.

The real treasure is in the hunt...

Re: MXT PRO compared to a DFX
Posted by: Tom Slick
Date: December 09, 2016 04:12PM
For the person that takes the time to learn the DFX, it's head and shoulders above the MXT in all areas except nugget hunting. The MXT has a better ground tracking system so it excels in poor ground. The DFX factory programs are pretty anemic but that allows the DFX to run most anywhere without problems. For the user that takes the time or puts in the effort to learn the DFX, It a great detector with many options or features not available on the MXT or MXT Pro. Kinda like a guy buying a Ferrari and only driving it to the grocery store. He'd think "this things a pile of crap, no trunk space and hard to get into and out of". Put it on a track and see how it performs compared to the Station wagon.

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Re: MXT PRO compared to a DFX
Posted by: irnwrkr
Date: December 10, 2016 01:01PM
Personally I'd go with the mxt but if gonna lay that kind of money down get a MX sport

Re: MXT PRO compared to a DFX
Posted by: dpharo
Date: January 09, 2017 01:04PM
I see that you're an ex White's dealer. I have a quick question if you don't mind. I'm looking around on these forums and trying to find the best model to purchase. I'm new to the hobby and live in Florida so the beach is my best bet, but would love to hunt inland as well. I need something that can get salty and work on land. Any suggestions? I've seen the MXT, DFX, and Beach hunter 300 have good reviews. I'm just trying to find the right one, being new and all. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks



Re: MXT PRO compared to a DFX
Posted by: Albert
Date: January 09, 2017 01:29PM
Hi Devon, I owned both but for simplicity the mxt pro is the better machine but for salt water the dfx is better. Now if you like programming or if you can set up some programs on the dfx for where you are going to hunt, than the dfx is the one to get. But either machine is pretty capable

Re: MXT PRO compared to a DFX
Posted by: sasquache
Date: January 11, 2017 05:07AM
Hey there if your going to do mainly beaches then go with a PI unit ? Or maybe a Mx sport.

Re: MXT PRO compared to a DFX
Posted by: Wayfarer
Date: January 11, 2017 06:28PM
I've had both the DFX and MXT, and I'd go with the MXT. It's a LOT easier to use and in 95% of conditions, will perform as well, if not better than the DFX. The DFX will do much better on the beach, however, and will do a little better in other places if the operator really knows what he is doing with the DFX. The personalities of the two detectors are also different. The MXT is much more responsive, like an analog machine, and the DFX is quieter and smoother, but more digital-sounding. Id say try both, since they "feel" so different. But in general, unless you really want the DFX, I'd still say go with the MXT. It's a great machine. Powerful and easy to use.

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