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Re: A new White's detector coming..Rumor ?
Posted by: coinhunterseth
Date: January 28, 2017 07:22PM
I hope a V3i Pro with new firmware and USB programming capability. Or an MXT Pro2 with new display (spectragraph would be nice).

I'd like anything that is a V3i upgrade as well.

Re: A new White's detector coming..Rumor ?
Posted by: quicksilver
Date: February 02, 2017 08:44AM
All whites would have to do, is waterproof the mxt pro, maybe tweak some more depth out of it, but keep it stable, add a color display, trim one pound of weight off, and they would say goodbye to the competition for a while. Wireless headphones wouldn't hurt either. They really need to catch up to their competitors on the weight issue.

T2SE, G2+, Mxt All Pro, A.T. Pro, A.T. Gold, TRX pinpointer, Garrett A.T. pinpointer, and a lot of determination......

Re: A new White's detector coming..Rumor ?
Posted by: Nauti Neil
Date: February 02, 2017 12:40PM
I think they need to replace the bhid with another beach machine.In other words another dual frequency machine that is good on the wet sand.They have a couple of good pi machines but discontinuing the bhid has left a serious gap........the mx sport has'nt filled it.I believe any new machine will be such a machine so that whites can steal some sales off minelab and fisher.

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