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TRX Buzzer
Posted by: TN Mike
Date: January 26, 2017 08:57AM
Was wondering if anyone could explain how to get into the buzzer pitch menu, as I cant seem to access it. I hold the button down till it makes the power off sound, keep holding until it makes the "config mode melody", then release then press the button 1x, then press and hold? Just seems to go back into the "Signaling Menu".. I'm not doing something right lol.. Got the sensitivity set and the audio switched off, only running the buzzer but would like to know what the buzzer pitch is..

Here is the guide I'm using:

White's TRX Extended User Manual (c) 2015 DL3GAZ
Normal usage
Switch on Short press of button
Ground Grab Short press of button while TRX on ground
Remove Ground Grab Short press of button while TRX in air
Reset reminder signal Short press of button
Switch off Press button for one second
Menu Concept and Usage
The menus are entered via switching TRX off and holding the button depressed. After a while, a short
melody will be played to indicate TRX is in Config Mode.
The sequence of pressing the button after the Config Mode melody selects the menu or special
Menus with a choice to make are always entered with a depressed button. TRX will then cycle
through all available options. Release the button to select the desired option. TRX will permanently
store this setting and return to normal operation.

Button Sequences after Config Mode Melody
Access to Signalling menu Continue to hold button
Access to Sensitivity menu Release, then press and hold
Access to Buzzer Pitch menu Release, press 1x, then press and hold
Make Sensitivity menu first Release, press 3x
Factory Reset: Release, press 6x

Good to know:
1) Everything, including the speaker opening, is waterproof to 3 m.
2) Vibration and buzzer will always perform self-test on power up and power down, even if vibration
or buzzer are switched off in the menu.
3) There is no way to switch off the LED.
4) After 5 minutes of usage with no button pressed a cyclic reminder signal will sound.
5) The TRX has 3 menus (i) Signalling (ii) Sensitivity (iii) Buzzer Pitch and several special functions.

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Re: TRX Buzzer
Posted by: TN Mike
Date: January 26, 2017 09:32AM
Well after rereading this a couple times it seems that the "Buzzer" is the audio tone, not the vibration... But I still cant seem to get the pitch of the "Buzzer" audio to change. Thanks for any help.

Re: TRX Buzzer
Posted by: tboykin
Date: January 26, 2017 09:56AM
The directions you posted are correct.

After the "config" tone plays, you release, then press once, release, and press and hold. The TRX will cycle through different pitches - when you hear the one you want, release the button and it will hold the selection.

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Re: TRX Buzzer
Posted by: TN Mike
Date: January 26, 2017 01:26PM
Thanks. Will give it another shot here in a bit.

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