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Re: Which has the best, MXT Pro or MXS?
Posted by: Happy_Hour
Date: May 26, 2017 06:55PM
MX Sport. Nothing wrong with the MXT, but the Sport is an improvement on that platform.

Nothing wrong with the MXT....quite the understatement being as its one of the all time winners from the Whites stable and still in demand over 15 years after introduction..... is it not as sensitive, have worse separation, or a worse recovery speed than the MXS?

It's an improvement from what standpoint? that it's waterproof, or does it have better ground tracking, better discrimination, more accurate VDI or more sensitive to small gold nuggets or????

Lots of posters on here, sold their MXT, bought an MXS, dumped it and bought another MXT....that might mean something.....

One thing I can say about the MXT, (I have owned two and currently have an MXT PRO) is that the MXT in all its iterations has one of the finest ground tracking systems available and is the same as on the GMT which was specifically designed for tough ground.

That may not be so important in a mild soil application, but it you live anywhere or detect anywhere that mineralization is an issue, the ground tracking can make or break the overall performance. If the detector can't see due to mineralization, it won't matter what the separation or recovery speed is as you will be missing lots of targets to begin with.....

What the OP is really asking is which machine will give him the best performance, my response is that its not just a set of spec's as tested at the factory, but is really all about what you can find with the machine with a properly matched coil to the job at hand.

Besides the ground tracking, a distinct advantage of the MXT is coil selection both from Whites as well as other coil manufacturers, which will ultimately play an important role, as there are way more coil options available to match the MXT to the job and the environment than there are for the MXS and this won't change for some time until the overall success of the MXS is assured.....

Keep in mind that change doesn't necessarily equal progress. I personally spoke to a Whites engineer who said " if you don't need waterproof, you won't gain anything changing from an MXT to an MXS". The real question is what might you lose?

Good Luck
Well Said Mr...

Re: Which has the best, MXT Pro or MXS?
Posted by: Brownie
Date: May 26, 2017 11:19PM
I got rid of my sport in less than a digging season. Why? Because it's way to heavy with any coil option on it. But what I really hated, is in heavy iron it wouldn't lock on to anything. In the civil war camps I hunt it was terrible, just being honest. And for me, relic mode was worthless. Just look on YouTube at all the big time, big name relic hunters. There are none that use a sport. And the one who did got rid of it and now uses a Garrett. But old thiltzy is still using his mxt pro and killing it at cellar holes. I still love whites. But they need to wake up and quit building 4 pound machines.

Some of the best US relic hunters I know switched to an MX Sport, and regularly perform cleanup work behind the ATs and CTX's. The key is the user and their experience with the machine... and what they find.

"Big time relic hunters" has little to do with subscriber count and more to do with experience, knowledge of history, and actual finds. Keep in mind the above people were not paid to promote or use the MX Sport. They genuinely prefer it to their previous machines (which is usually the AT Slow, V3i, MXT, or VX3). But Garrett is willing to offer bigger incentives to people to promote their products - that is their schtick. We are spending our money on product development instead of re-releasing old machines every six years.

So, is it your policy or whites to bash Garrett? Exactly what is your purpose to refer it as the AT slow? Nice move and seems typical of you people there at whites. You must have learned from that howard guy on how to handle people comments.
So this must be your schtick?

Sent you a PM,N/T
Posted by: El
Date: May 29, 2017 08:23PM

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Re: Which has the best, MXT Pro or MXS?
Posted by: HanoverDigger
Date: May 30, 2017 12:32PM
doc holiday232
Isn't that a TV show on BBC? :rofl:

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