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MX Sport question
Posted by: JaBo
Date: August 05, 2017 07:19AM
I was using the sport in fresh water lake with the 10" coil, tried to use the coins and jewelry program and raising the coil up and down through the water created lots of chatter, very unstable. Sensitivity was 5/6. All metal seemed to do that as well. The only program that ran stable was the beach program. Is this normal? Or is something up with the machine? This is new, second time using it and again in fresh water. Thanks

Re: MX Sport question
Posted by: irnwrkr
Date: August 06, 2017 07:26PM
Try lowering sensitivity to 3-4

Re: MX Sport question
Posted by: iqwozpoom
Date: August 07, 2017 12:31AM
Did you ground balance? Just wondering, I can normally run 7 or 8 sensitivity or even just below boost with the 7" coil. That's around a pump station with high power lines going above my river. Maybe hot rocks in the water?

Re: MX Sport question
Posted by: Old California
Date: August 07, 2017 01:40AM
May be Black sand, Mineralization greatly effects stabitily.

Here on West Coast, River black sand is terrible which creates masking. VLF struggle, but models with prospecting mode and SAT this greatly helps with stabitily. Try prospecting mode, increase SAT start around 5 and adjust from there. Don't worry about loosing depth, you'll gain some depth back with smoother stabitily bumping up SAT. Then, reduce SAT if it's too stable look for a happy medium and adjust sensitivity as well you can operate with high sens bumping up SAT.

Proper GB, use SAT in prospecting mode this will eliminate the noise you're hearing.

Plus, hunt with zero discrimination. Medium to smaller gold jewelry will ID as iron because black sand tends to drop ID into iron range. Even high conductive coins will ID in iron range, depending how bad mineralization is.

I use my MX Sport in water, with the 7" Detech or stock 10". Prospecting mode is the secret to VLF water hunting, And because the MX Sport has a SAT feature that separates it from other waterproof detectors.

Good luck,

AKA..Paul (Ca)

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Re: MX Sport question
Posted by: JaBo
Date: August 07, 2017 07:38AM
Thank you for the replies. I will put your recommendations to use next time out.

Re: MX Sport question
Posted by: Des D
Date: August 20, 2017 06:17AM
Q. Has the MX Sport taken off regarding sales figures now? Is it selling well or has it been tainted by those issues that dogged it early on?

Re: MX Sport question
Posted by: doc holiday232
Date: August 20, 2017 11:34AM
Still a lot of questions.

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