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First hunt with new MX Sport
Posted by: GroundHug
Date: September 16, 2017 01:41PM
I went to a local beach where I had been with the Surfmaster. That is a very powerful machine but with all the iron on this beach it's a chore to use there. Found a nice silver necklace there, a religious piece that says "I am a Catholic please call a priest". I found the machine was very easy to tell iron with, with the "spitting" sound and inconsistent or disappearing signals when you rotated.

I had read a lot of bad things about this machine - if you got a good one people liked it but if not, people wanted to wrap it around a tree. I'm guessing I must have one of the good ones then.

I will mention that no coil hardware was included with mine so I had to take a Minelab bolt and put it on to get it going today (got the machine yesterday). That was irritating, but Whites made up for that by giving me the Waterproof headphones with it instead of the land phones I was expecting in the box. (And the lesson there is always have extra hardware on hand you never know when you are going to need it). Based on White's reputation I'm sure I could contact them and they'd send the hardware, but I ordered new hardware when I ordered the machine so I'll save contacting them for the important stuff.

This machine will actually fill a few niches I was looking for a machine to fill - a beach hunter that can get dunked and that has iron discrimination (if you are discriminating more than that, in my view you are going to lose jewelry, which makes beach hunting pointless), a competition hunt machine, and a machine I could prospect with. That's what really caught my eye about this and why I bought it.

Attached if I can attach it is a picture of the necklace.

Re: First hunt with new MX Sport
Posted by: doc holiday232
Date: September 17, 2017 01:37PM
"NO coil hardware" now That's Quality control.

Re: First hunt with new MX Sport
Posted by: GroundHug
Date: September 23, 2017 05:24PM
I wasn't thrilled about that, but I'd say they more than made up for it by giving me the waterproof headphones when I wasn't expecting them.

I'm also pretty sure based on their reputation that if I contacted them they'd send the hardware out. I didn't bother because I ordered extras knowing you never know when you will need them. If this was someone's first machine, they would not be happy to not have the hardware, and could well return the detector.

I just wanted to point out that it has performed well for me. Better than some detectors that cost more. In particular it handles iron very well. I love the versatility as well. In spite of missing the coil hardware, I feel it's well worth the money.

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