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White's 4900/D Pro Plus
Posted by: irontondan
Date: September 19, 2017 09:19AM
Yesterday I picked up a White's 4900/D Pro Plus black box in wonderful working condition for the amazing price of $10! Anyway, my question is this...can this machine only use the old white 6B coils? I've heard the Blue and Black Max coils will work. Anyone have experience with these on this machine?

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Re: White's 4900/D Pro Plus
Posted by: louie41
Date: September 21, 2017 03:29PM
I have same detector. There is a whites electronics forum where you will gat an immediate (very quick) answer

Re: White's 4900/D Pro Plus
Posted by: Old California
Date: September 22, 2017 02:08AM
The older 6/B coils will not work with the Pro Plus models, the 6" Blue Max 600 and 9.5" Blue Max 950 will. However, Not the 10" Blue Max 256. The BM 256 was designed to operate with 6B detectors, Can be quite confusing. Just remember Pro Plus and Pro Series are two totally different coils.

Luckily, Have a Blue Max Power coil booklet. These three coils are more sensitivite compared with other coils similar in size. Down side, subject to stabitily issues in poor ground but overall the coil to grab for that extra edge.

Blue Max 600 6" coil = Pro Plus
Blue Max 950 9.5" coil = Pro Plus
Blue Max 256 10" coil = 6/B detectors

Hope the picture shows, good luck you'll like the 4900 Pro Plus.

AKA..Paul (Ca)

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