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Picked up some Nice Whites machines off Craigslist
Posted by: silverseeker 2
Date: October 24, 2017 02:07PM
Picked up a DFX that came with stock and shooter coils and the book "Digging Deeper with the DFX", plus a Garrett
pinpointer, and a Leshe digger. Couldn't pass this deal up.
Next was a Whites 5900 Di Pro sl (CB) with stock coiland a new Treasure Wise detector bag. Both machines
are in great shape and so far everything seems to beworking 100 %. I just enjoy using different machines but that
means my others sit but enjoy collecting detectors and if worse comes to worse, I can always
sell them off but these days that's not easy as everyone's looking for a deal plus so many newer
detectors on the market. Have always wanted to give a DFX a try a as some say they are complicated but
I don't see it that way. Seems easy to program, not to heavy and I would think once familiar with what
settings influence this machine the most and set for the SITE and user preference settings. Plan on
getting out this week at the park down the street I've been to multiple times. The fever has been
kicking in again as I have not done nearly the detecting I was used to for many reasons. Chicago
took away our Woods hunting away so you got to change your hunting methods and places to hunt.
Anyway another 2 Whites machines in the herd and that makes 5 now. Wish you all the Best!!! silverseeker 2

Re: Picked up some Nice Whites machines off Craigslist
Posted by: Tony (Michigan)
Date: October 24, 2017 06:25PM
I'm looking forward to seeing how you do with your DFX. Let us know about your finds.

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