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TDI or surf PI for relic hunting?
Posted by: JJames1610
Date: November 20, 2017 10:53PM
I am planing on doing some beach hunting and some relic hunting. Will the surf PI work ok for relic hunting also?
Also are they about the same on depth? I want a PI detector but only one for both jobs, thanks.

Re: TDI or surf PI for relic hunting?
Posted by: Mega
Date: November 21, 2017 05:32AM
They are 2 totally different machines,the Surf PI is designed in a waterproof case and fixed coil size for mainly beach and surf use and is of course restricted depth wise by the hardwired coil,the TDI either 'sl' or the more desirable model the TDI Pro which i have is in a totally different league,its not waterproof so that is of course a down side but alot of folks use these machines on the beach as they can be much deeper.

The main advantage of the TDI is that not only is it alot more powerful,it also has the low/high target conductivity facility which basically means it does have a reasonably good form od discrimination,this is why i use it mainly for relic/hoard hunting,the biggest advantage is the very wide spectrum of coils that are available and not just solely for the TDI but the Minelab GPX Mono coils also work straight out the box on the TDI,i have coils ranging from 6'' right upto a humongous 20'' Mono which is phenomenally deep.

For me the TDI is a far superior and more adaptable machine,the Surf PI is great at what it does and that is mainly for beach work,the TDI can do it both and very well.

Deus and Nexus MP main everyday detectors

Displays on a Detector are really the equivalent of relying on sub-titles,give me a Analogue machine anyday.

Some of my site specific use machines.
TDI Pro 20'' Mono
Nexus SE dual 9'' coil
Nexus MP 14x13
Fisher TW-5 twin box
Crossbow PI 14x9 Mono
Mirage PI 5'' Mono
DFX 18'' Detech
T2 SEF15x12
IDX Pro 15'' Concentric
B1 and B3
Trident11 Extreme NEL Snake

Mainly hunt deep ploughed and pasture sites,trashy roman/saxon and celtic permissions.

Re: TDI or surf PI for relic hunting?
Posted by: lytle78
Date: November 21, 2017 07:53AM
The Surf PI has no ground balance capability to eliminate the ground signal brim mineralized soil - it would be difficult to impossible to use in inland relic hunting depending on the degree and type of mineralization

Rick Kempf

Re: TDI or surf PI for relic hunting?
Posted by: JJames1610
Date: November 22, 2017 04:08PM
Thanks, it never hurts to ask.
It hurts more if you don't ask.

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