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MX7 - Where to post?
Posted by: Rich (Utah)
Date: December 02, 2017 12:11AM
Was looking to see if anybody is using one of the new MX7's yet. I guess they are suppose to post here as they share coils with the MX Sport ? :look:

Rich -

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Re: MX7 - Where to post?
Posted by: Rick(ND)
Date: December 02, 2017 01:18AM
I would think this will be the place to post and ask questions as it is the Whites main page.
Must not be many MX7 out there yet as there has been no feedback yet, but I have one coming this next week for my wife, but we are just starting our winter so have plenty of time to read about it more from those that are able to use theirs. have to do some air test and test it a bit on my floors that have a lot of nail and other metal in it, love to put a coin on top of a nail and see how it will affect the audio and meter readings.


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Re: MX7 - Where to post?
Posted by: slingshot
Date: December 02, 2017 07:29AM
I was excited about my MX5, but seldom see many posts on it. I think most of us are just out in the field using and enjoying our Whites'.

Re: MX7 -How about a new section for MX Sport and MX7?
Posted by: ramairnut
Date: December 02, 2017 10:27AM
What about creating a new section on here for the MX Sport and MX 7? That's what was done on the White's Electronics forum. Heck there is already a section for the Equinox and it hasn't been officially released yet:confused:

I am sure we'll be reading about the MX7 here on the White's Forum.
Posted by: Monte
Date: December 02, 2017 05:19PM
I guess they could develop a separate Forum just for the 'MX' series and include the MX5, MX7 and MX Sport even if the '5' is discontinued and uses different search coils (different connector). As with any new model entry from any manufacturer, there are going to be mixed feelings because a lot of folks will be quick to jump on 'differences' as they compare them with makes and models they already own and use. Sometimes even too quick to make a conclusion before they spend the effort to learn it and put in some quality time afield to get to know it well.

The MX7 is 'different' from the MX5, which I also have in my Specialty-Use Detector Group, and it is also noticeably 'different' from my Regular-Use Detector Team, which it now joins, which is mainly comprised of very time-proven Nokta and Tesoro models. I was only able to put in a little time working with my MX7 yesterday and today in 27° to 34° cloudy and breezy weather, to start getting to know it. ALL detectors, I don't care who makes them, are not 'perfect' so it is up to us to learn their strengths and weakness, then be able to employ them as best we can for the applications where they are a good 'fit' for what hunting needs we have.

I knew before I got mine that there were some things I likely won't like, but I also knew of some, and am learning of other things, that I do like. Even little things about their packaging, basic design, Functionality and Simplicity that can off-set some things that might be a little weak in the Performance department. As with other detectors I read about people using, it will be helpful for all of us when someone makes a post about using their new MX7 afield if they will mention the search coil used, the 'program' or 'mode' they are working in, and for sure the various function settings used. That is both informative and helpful for some who might note an adjustment change they might want to try with their MX7.

I know I will do that myself as I get my MX7 afield for some evaluation work and general detecting. What I can say at this point is for many loyal White's users, who are more comfortable with how many White's detectors perform that is a bit different from the competition, I think they can learn to like the MX7. Whether doing some indoor evaluations and testing or working it in a few sites outdoors, I'm satisfied they are making progress and have provided us an option to afford a versatile detector and a reasonable price that will work in many applications. We have a chance for a light snow tomorrow, but when I get home from church I'll settle down to working up some plans to take it afield on Monday when it is sunny and dry, and check some function settings a couple of friends are using with their MX Sports just to see what I can do to tweak my unit for peak performance at turn-on.

Is the MX7 going to bump any of my three Tesoro units out of my arsenal? Nope. How about out-classing the three pair of Nokta models? No, not them, either. Why? Because I know them, and have spent time to become familiar with their strong and weak points, for me, and the types of detecting I like to do. Will I end up throwing the MX7 "under the bus?" Absolutely not! All my detectors are just a little bit 'different' from each other, and 'different' can be a good thing. I like the 'good things' about the MX7 and know it will work for me when it's the unit I grab to deal with various hunt sites.

Looking forward to hearing/reading what others have to say ... once they get comfortable with their MX7 and find the set-ups that work for them.


PS to Rich(UT) ... I'll be sending you an e-mail later.

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