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Mxt dual discrimination
Posted by: juit
Date: May 08, 2018 11:22PM
You guys think that it would be a good idea to add dual discrimination feature?

Would love to had one installed on mine

Minelab 705
Nokta relic
Fisher CZ5
Whites m6

Here is a simple answer regaring your idea.
Posted by: Monte
Date: May 11, 2018 10:08AM
You guys think that it would be a good idea to add dual discrimination feature?
NO, I don't.

I am familiar with the Dual Discrimination models that have been around since they got started in 1982 with the Fisher 1260-X and continued with the 1260 'series.' Impractical for most applications by a savvy detectorist, and not that beneficial, especially with models that also feature visual Target ID and audio Tone ID. A former Fisher fan or two were behind prompting Jack Gifford to make a Dual Discrimination model with the Tesoro Tejón. While the Fisher brand got away from that concept long ago, and the original design engineer hasn't incorporated the design and any of the detectors he an engineered under different brand labels since.

Same engineer who was behind the design of the original White's MXT, Dave Johnson, didn't see it beneficial to design a Dual Discrimination circuitry with it, nor with the Bounty Hunter, Teknetics or Fisher products while he's been with FTP, either.

Would love to had one installed on mine.
You say you would love to have that feature, but you didn't express WHY you would want it.

You list the following models in your Signature: Minelab 705, Nokta Relic, Fisher CZ5 and Whites M6, and I don't know it those are models you have previously owned or currently have along with an MXT Pro, but none have a 'Dual Discrimination' function and I don't know if you have used such a feature. :shrug:

Let me share with you why I do NOT think it is of any real merit.

► Typically, the best Discrimination level to use would be for the least rejection possible, such as to just reject iron nails. Then all targets of greater conductivity will likely respond and that includes all US coins and virtually all potential gold jewelry objects from ear ring studs to thin gold chains and on up through various sizes and gold content pendants, rings, etc.

► The Dual Discrimination thinking was usually to reject at a lower break-point, such as somewhat low to accept the lower-conductive US 5¢ piece, and the 2nd Disc. setting would be somewhere just above the 5¢ coin to reject it and suggest the Nickel coin might be in that narrow window between the two settings. . The problem with that is this method can end up rejecting lower-conductive and some also desirable gold jewelry just above the 5¢ coin's conductivity where rejected.

There are other thoughts on how to try and make a Dual Disc. circuitry design work to an operator's benefit, but it has been proven over time spent afield that the Dual Discrimination concept proved to be less that accurate or not as useful and a functional tool.

Besides, those models that featured a Dual Disc. circuitry were also non-display models. With a model like the MXT Pro, you can set the Discrimination at a very functional low-end setting to just barely reject the more problem trash targets, then rely on the 'primary' Discrimination to be complemented by the visual TID read-out to suggest a more helpful 'secondary' Discrimination' to complement the primary Disc. you had set. This can also be further complemented by using a 2-Tone audio ID in the Relic mode or a multi-tone ID in the Coin & Jewelry mode. Much more usefull than trying to tinker with a Dual disc. circuitry.

Just my experienced opinions on the topic.


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Re: Here is a simple answer regaring your idea.
Posted by: juit
Date: May 11, 2018 10:15AM
I have a tejon, mxtpro 2 idxpro 1 mirage pulse induction machines at the moment, i really liked on my fisher 1266x too

Was thinkind about it because sonetimes i hunt by ear and the dual has been sone cool feature thats all

Minelab 705
Nokta relic
Fisher CZ5
Whites m6

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