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How are we liking the MX7 on a salt water beach?
Posted by: Vagabond87
Date: May 24, 2018 09:41AM
Hey all!

New to the forum, and relatively new to the hobby, but I find myself always wanting to know what people are ACTUALLY using, not just what manufacturers are "suggesting."

I'm a big fan of the White's MX7, and I've used it a bunch on dry land/woods etc. I'm just curious as to how it might handle a salt-water beach. I know it does have a "beach mode," and optimally, I would be wanting to use a PI, but as far as fitting a square peg in a round hole, how does this one stack up?


Re: How are we liking the MX7 on a salt water beach?
Posted by: Nauti Neil
Date: May 24, 2018 12:23PM
Can't say anything about the mx7 but if its anywhere near as good as the m6 on the wet sand you will be fine.I'm sure Whites would have made the beach mode on the 7 as good as on the m6........the m6 was the best single frequency detector for the wet sand i ever used.

Re: How are we liking the MX7 on a salt water beach?
Posted by: Vagabond87
Date: May 24, 2018 01:04PM
Thanks for the reply! I sortof had the same thought....I've gotten so many conflicting reviews it's hard to keep them straight

Re: How are we liking the MX7 on a salt water beach?
Posted by: Nauti Neil
Date: May 24, 2018 02:03PM
Thats the problem with reviews......i don't take a lot of notice of them anymore,i like to try out a machine and make my own mind up.Sometimes a detector can get a bad review but it can be down to the reviewer not getting the best out of the machine.
I've owned a few machines that have had poor reviews but i found them to be great machines.

James, I am totally enjoying my MX-7's! :thumbup:
Posted by: Monte
Date: May 24, 2018 07:01PM
I live inland in Oregon, near the Idaho border, and have only had one opportunity to work a salt water beach. However, I am planning a trip within the month that will include some searches of a super salty beach environment as well as taking in some urban parks, deserted homesteads and ghost towns. I don't have any hesitation about working any of those varied environments with the MX-7. I have also worked a couple of freshwater beaches and so far I like the open-frame 7" DD made by Detech for White's as there is very little resistance or tendency to 'float.'

I have also done well with my 6½" Concentric coil, but it is probably a little more buoyant than the new 'Six Shooter' Concentric coil due to mine being a prototype that has the bowl-shaped bottom like the Blue Max 600, 5.3 BullsEye and 5.3 Eclipse version 6½" coils. These are all the same size, including the new 'Six Shooter' and have a physical measured diameter close to 6½", but the new 'Six Shooter' Concentric (made for the MX Sport and MX-7 models) has a flat-bottom or thinner design which should eliminate some of the internal air that causes buoyancy. Of course the standard 950 on the MX-7 ought to work reasonably well, but I found it more buoyant when worked submerged compared with the 7" DD or 6½" Concentric coils.

From what beach hunting I have done, the MX-7 has performed as well or better than the MXT's and M6 models I used to use.


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Re: James, I am totally enjoying my MX-7's! :thumbup:
Posted by: Vagabond87
Date: May 25, 2018 08:52AM
Thanks Monte! I appreciate you taking the time to respond! Glad to hear you've used them in these circumstances.

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