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whites tdi mods 2018
Posted by: nugget hunter nz
Date: August 25, 2018 06:09AM
hi guys i was wondering if anyone knows of anyone still doing mods to the tdi models i live in new zealand but dont mind the cost to send it away or ofr the mods .. i do have a modded gpx 4500 but love the whites simplicity and high and low conductive switch of the tdi models i have got the pro oz series and new sl special edition . as i hunt nuggets here im looking for mods like reg used to do more sensitivity and smother running for the pro . the sl runs super quiet but would like to beef up sensitivity so smaller gold any help would be so great .

thanks craig

Re: whites tdi mods 2018
Posted by: doc holiday232
Date: August 25, 2018 09:00AM
Good luck to you----I think I remember a post from Reg on the TDI forum saying that he planned to restart the mod program.

Re: whites tdi mods 2018
Posted by: Jim in Idaho
Date: August 25, 2018 10:49AM
I think the only mod to the SL is to increase the sweep speed, while maintaining the overall sensitivity. The easiest way to increase the sensitivity is to increase the battery voltage by using a 4-cell li-ion pack.

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