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v3i shuts off
Posted by: boness
Date: August 26, 2018 04:29PM
Last time i went detecting my 3vi kept shutting down on me.I thought it was my battery but it still had 10 or more volts left.Its a heavy duty battery.So i put in the other hd battery that was charged fully.But after a while,it shuit down again and went black.I just tried again and it came back on until i pinpointed and it shut down again.Any ideas what it could be?

Re: v3i shuts off
Posted by: MANDAD76
Date: August 27, 2018 02:59PM
maybe.....battery prongs in box need to be pulled out a little for better contact.......maybe contact points on battery need to be cleaned....just a thought....good luck to ya!

Spectra V3i
BHID 300

Re: v3i shuts off
Posted by: Steve Howard
Date: September 07, 2018 01:19PM
There is an automatic shut down in the V3i to avoid damaging your batteries with absolute 0 voltage in case of accidental ON. Typically, if no controls are used for 30 minutes, often less, it plays a song and shuts down. If yours doesn't play a song when it shuts down, most likely battery contact issues. If it does play a song when shutting down, you can adjust the shut down time in the expert menu. Menu twice, select expert menu, Enter, Select Configure, Enter, select Battery, Enter, select Inactive Limit, Arrow right to 60 minutes, squeeze and release trigger twice.


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