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Hot rocks and alot of iron-need help with settings for MX Sport
Posted by: makahaman
Date: August 31, 2018 12:46AM
Hi all, does anyone on this post have any good adjustments to the MX Sport to work an area with a lot of hot rocks and iron. There are good items to be found on this old homestead site but my detector goes crazy because of all the iron in the ground and its very mineralized. I'm using the smallest coil for the MX Sport, the DD coil I think its like 6 or 7 inches or so. The setting I was using was High Trash but it's still working quite erratic any ideas and help would be much appreciated... Thanks

Re: Hot rocks and alot of iron-need help with settings for MX Sport
Posted by: Tajue17
Date: August 31, 2018 07:35AM
Hmm if your at high trash and its still popping then i would lower the sensitivity more even maybe to 0 in that situation,,,, also try beach mode because my back yard is like that and beach mode is pretty smooth and with the sense turned up to 5 i can still hit 8" coins in my test garden. That machine is so powerful dont feel undergunned by turning stuff down even more so than the presets. Im still pretty new with the mxs but im starting to understand it a little more,,,, i did get the 13" ultimate for mine and want to get a smaller concetric but the ultimate doesnt seem as hot as the stock coil so far

Get a smaller coil...:thumbup:
Posted by: Hombre
Date: August 31, 2018 07:17PM
either the 7 inch DD or the 6½ inch Six Shooter .... I like the Six Shooter on my MX7.

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Randy from south central Kansas

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