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MX 7 At fresh water beach?
Posted by: ohio fred
Date: September 21, 2018 12:24PM
I see in owners manual beach it refers to salt water beaches .If i go to fresh water beach will this mode work?Do i ground balance in beach mode?Then can i switch to cj mode or relic mode.?My MX 7 should be here tomorrow .I have hunted the beach with my Makro racer 2 and explorer 2. Have other whites models but they never were that good at the beach they are older models. So when machine arrives tomorrow i want to run through a few different places to try it out.Will just be using stock coil.All tips or tricks would be of help. thanks.

'Beach' selection is best for:
Posted by: Monte
Date: September 21, 2018 03:37PM
Wet saltwater beaches, and it is also helpful if hunting wet alkaline desert soils as the wetted alkalinity will be low-level conductive similar to a wetted saltwater beach.

I use the Coin & Jewelry mode 95% of the time with my MX-7, and my time is devoted to Relic Hunting about 70% of the time and Coin & Jewelry Hunting the other 30%. From the factory default set-up I accept the upper rejected segment, select a reject Volume setting of '10,' run my Sensitivity at '08' and most hunting is done with either '2-Tone' or '4-Tone' audio depending on my mood and the amount of debris there is to deal with.

Freshwater beach hunting I have just used the automated Ground Balance in C&J mode, and I never use Auto-Tracking. I keep the Lock Track function in use. Just work the coil ±2" off the ground, use a slow and methodical sweep speed, and remember to overlap. Enjoy the MX-7 as I know I sure do. :thumbup:


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Re: MX 7 At fresh water beach?
Posted by: dfmike
Date: September 21, 2018 07:24PM
I used my MX7 a few times at the beach lately. We only have fresh water beaches here. There is no need to do anything special really. I set it on C&J, ground balance and lock the tracking. You might want to check the ground balance in a few areas or after you've been detecting for some time. At the beach I only use 2 tone as I dig everything above iron anyway. Like Monte I set the rejection volume at 10 just to barely hear the iron debris. If I get fed up with the iron noise, I set it at zero.

Have fun and keep us posted.

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Dfmike .Tried to send Pm.But having problems with my i pad.
Posted by: ohio fred
Date: September 21, 2018 08:51PM
Read your pm.I will try and post tomorrow night.

Thanks Monte.N/T
Posted by: ohio fred
Date: September 21, 2018 08:52PM

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