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MX7 7 inch DD coil
Posted by: ohio fred
Date: September 27, 2018 06:12PM

OK took 7 inch DD coil out.Pic with button was first day second pic with just coins second day.What a coil little noisy,but if you put in cj mode or high trash mode turn threshold off and rejvol off it is quite and just as deep.relic mode is great.Today i hunted one site you can hardly use pin pointer there ground set it off. Coke ash gravel iron High tower electric towers turn around for mac trucks . ,no emi problems , Dug a few coin in High trash mode and a few in relic mode very surprised i found coins there.then went to soccer fields.High tension electric tower all around .when you get out of car you get a small shock sometimes. no emi problems.the coil to me get a 9 0ut 0f 10 .!0 would be someone to dig for me.Depth surface to 8 inches some deeper on big nails or junk.The rivet from pants in one pic first target i hit in sandy loamy soil behind school.machine says 8 inches so i started to dig and checked every pile out of ground with pin pointer and coil on machine digging tool 9 inches almost in ground same with pin pointer finally i found it was i surprised.i use sensitivity from 2 to 10 played with machine. target ID bounces on coins from 65 to 85 zincs have not a clue they pop up every where,. The jacket buttons zipper badge toe ring hit hard and did not move more than 1 or 2 numbers, target separation good .Found some junk in hole with coins .Really like the coil and is deep accurate pinpointing depth meter accurate by 1/2 inch. Just grate coil for me.In the one pic that 2 Wheaties i found today.used 4 tone today. Just my opinion on coil how it worked around here.If 6 and 1/2 shooter coil is better it must be a excellent coil.Would like to try it some time. hope this helps some one. .

Re: MX7 7 inch DD coil first pic is second day i used it today.N/T
Posted by: ohio fred
Date: September 27, 2018 06:13PM

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How much trash dug.
Posted by: ohio fred
Date: September 27, 2018 06:18PM
How many times was i fooled Not many only fooled my self .Machine said i should talk less and listen more .MX7 would say junk right off and i would work that coil till it said something else and dig junk. I could here the MX 7 laughing in my head phones..

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