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Unusual Comparison TDI, Pirate Black Pearl, BH Tracker IV
Posted by: wyobuck
Date: November 24, 2018 11:56AM
Was going to do video, but thought this was easier, I'm posting the same information.

First off I've had my TDI SPP for awhile and decided to buy something cheap in case I ran into some problems with authorities at a park. Many parks are NO longer allowing detecting. Not wanting to risk losing a $1000 detector I picked up a BH for under $100. Boy was I shocked, I found lots of coins below 5" including a couple of quarters pushing 8".
I also came across a video of a Bulgarian Detector called Black Pearl by Pirate Detectors, the air test was showing 17" on various coins. It has a Ground Compensation to supposedly block out highly mineralized soil, and a mode to enhance small gold. It claims frequency automatically determined between 7khz and 28khx. Sounded good, so I bought one and here are the results. Note: the tests on the TDI were from a Miner John 5x9 folded coil.
Air test:
BH Tracker IV. TDI. Black Pearl
1oz silv coin. 7.5" 10" 15"
3.1 gr gold coin. 7" 9" 13"
Clad quarter. 7.5" 8" 12"
.33gr gold nugget. 2.5" 4" 5"
Med gold ring. 5.5" 8" 15"

Some impressive depths for the Black Pearl, but put the same items in the ground and of course we get different results. I could not get the Black Pearl to ignore the mineralized ground here in central AZ, even with several adjustments. The ground composition adjustment really showed no effect, the sensitivity is reversed on the control bar, 1 being the most sensitive and 40 the highest. So I could not eliminate the ground and was unable to perform the test. I contacted the company and they were pretty much useless and provided NO HELP. I did find a dealer in the UK who tried to help but could not. I think the Black Pearl would be great in less mineralized soil.
For the BH and TDI, here is what I got. The BH surprisingly ignored the ground even with sensitivity at max, but some depth was lost. Was really only concerned with Gold here.

BH: 3.1gr gold coin 5", Gold Ring 4.5" and .33gr Gold Nuggett 1.5 inches. Not bad for a $100 Toy, lol.

TDI: 3.1gr gold coin 7", Gold Ring 8.5" and .33gr Gold Nuggett

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Re: Unusual Comparison TDI, Pirate Black Pearl, BH Tracker IV
Posted by: u2robert
Date: December 07, 2018 09:09PM
Never heard of the Black pearl going to check it out.

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