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MX7. And cashless society.:crazy::thumbup:
Posted by: ohio fred
Date: December 06, 2018 10:17PM
Well if we go cashless My MX .7 and my Racer 2 will start to hunt relics.Looking for new Detector to hunt bit.coins.MX7. and Racer 2 good machine,s can hunt with big boys.Because ia m the pilot.Snow on ground here season is over.Look for multi frequency machine this spring.

Re: MX7. And cashless society.:crazy::thumbup:
Posted by: dfmike
Date: December 07, 2018 07:09PM
Fred, If the snow is not too deep detection is still possible. The MX7 really surprised me with the depth I could get below the snow cover. Just make sure you have a very sturdy and sharp shovel. In the deep woods it takes a lot of time before the ground freezes to a point where nothing can go in.

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Posted by: ohio fred
Date: December 08, 2018 12:07PM
Yes I have done that over the years.I got old turned into freeze baby.Joe that I hunt with on and off just got a EQ 600.You know he has been out and going out again.Yes after ground is froze you need a pic axe.Most neighbors see me now is a quick wave as I run to my car.All my detectors are inside.I don't have sugar columns dancing

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