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Hey Monte!
Posted by: John, in Nawth Carolina
Date: December 18, 2018 09:38AM
I see you have expanded your collection of great detectors.

My question is under what conditions do you grab the MXS or MX7 as opposed to the other excellent detectors in your collection?

Using what I can afford since 1976

Hey, John! Here's my reply.
Posted by: Monte
Date: December 22, 2018 11:51AM
John, in Nawth Carolina
I see you have expanded your collection of great detectors.
Well, I have actually been trimming down the number of different models in my Regular-Use Detector Outfit since late summer. back in June they advised me I couldn't go hunting this year, or for a while, and I love squirrel and rabbit hunting, bird hunting and deer hunting, but they restricted any trauma to my shoulder and neck area. My balance and mobility hasn't been good for quite a while and they also cautioned me to be very careful and avoid any more falls. My neck condition and injury was critical and required surgery to remove a complete disk, grind away bone spurs, replace the disk with something and fuse part of my spine. I was cautioned that any trauma could have left me a quadriplegic.

Since '91 I have been instructed to not lift more than 10-15 pounds. In March they changed that to no more than 5 to 10 pounds, and since the fall in early April the ER doctors and my primary care doctor confirmed that, and the Neurosurgeon, with my impaired mobility, has me at no more than 5 to 8 pounds which is about the weight of a gallon of milk. I have difficulty handling a gallon of milk, a 2-liter diet soda, and trying to reach up to hang a shirt in the closet or get anything on or from the lower kitchen shelf. I've been told by the Neurosurgeon and two other doctors that it will take 1 year to possibly 2 since the surgery, on August 23rd, to get back what strength and mobility I can in my right hand/arm/shoulder, and at-best I might regain 80%. Then they said, "at best but don't necessarily count on that much."

So I have acquired some detectors and let others go because they either didn't satisfy my needs, were uncomfortable or just weren't right. Others I have retained because they are very light weight and easy to use without fatigue. As for which detectors I use and for what applications, I assign my detectors into one of two primary-use categories:

'Work Detectors:' These are the models with coil selections that provide the best performance for more challenging sites, such as ghost towns, homesteads, pioneer and military encampments or forts, stage stops and RR depot sites and other out-of-the-way locations that are more isolated. Places that call for working in and around building rubble, dense iron nail contamination and also handling rough terrain, higher mineralized environments, and places that might be heavily vegetated with dense weed growth, sagebrush and other obstacles to work around. Especially those locations where there is a heavy amount of rusty tin and decayed tin shards, etc.

'Play Detectors:' These are lighter-weight and simple-to-use models that might not handle dense iron debris well, but they work quite well for most urban Coin Hunting types of sites like tot-lots, parks and schools, parking strips and other easements, private yards (with permission), sidewalk tear-outs and other renovation work I might chance upon. I usually keep three detector models in my vehicle for daily running around just to be prepared for these average Coin Hunting opportunities.

The makes and models in my Regular-Use Detector Outfit this morning include:

Work Models:
Nokta FORS CoRe ..(1 w/the small 'OOR' DD and 1 w/5X9½ DD open-frame.)
Nokta FORS Relic ..(1 w/5" DD and 1 w/5X9½ DD open-frame.)
White's MX-7 ..(w/6½" Concentric.)

Special Application Models:
Nokta-Makro Anfibio Multi ..(w/7" Concentric open-frame.)
Tesoro Bandido II microMAX
..(w/6" Concentric.)

Play Models:
Fisher F44 ..(w/7" Concentric open-frame.)
Teknetics Omega 8000 ..(1 w/5" DD and 1 w/7" Concentric open-frame.)
Tesoro Silver Sabre microMAX ..(w/6" Concentric.)
White's Classic ID (modified)
..(w/5½" Concentric Ferret.)

As you can count, there are 9 different detector models. However, also as noted following them, I have duplicate of some models that keep different search coils mounted to be ready for dense trash or sparse thrash conditions. Also, in my 'Special Application Models', I have two Bandido II µMAX which each keep a 6" Concentric mounted, and because this model is so versatile, I have one dedicated to always travel with me, for Work or for Play, and the other is just a pristine 'back-up' in the den for emergency use.

John, in Nawth Carolina
My question is under what conditions do you grab the MXS or MX7 as opposed to the other excellent detectors in your collection?
As I stated, I parted with the MX Sport but retain my MX-7. I do have the 7" DD by Detech for White's and the standard 950 on spare lower and middle rods in my Accessory Coil Tote in case I need them, but I very seldom use them. The 6½" Concentric coil is an ideal 'general use' search coil on this model. The MX-7 is one of the deeper-seeking models in my Outfit and I have my preferred settings saved for turn-on to be ready to go. It gets used for mainly on my Relic Hunting journeys but also provides great performance for lower trash urban Coin Hunting sites.

Sometimes I'll grab it first at a location and hunt for a while then switch models and re-hunt the same general area, and at other times it will be my second grabbed model once I work an area. With the 6½" Concentric coil and the very comfortable weight and balance, it is a pleasure to use almost any time and any where.


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My reply to your reply and a question.
Posted by: John, in Nawth Carolina
Date: December 24, 2018 08:53PM
Thank you. If you have time...what do you think are the MX7 strong points?

Merry Christmas!!!!

Using what I can afford since 1976

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