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Mxt 8x6 sef coil
Posted by: cedarswamp
Date: December 24, 2018 10:03PM
A two hour hunt produced silver with the mxt and sef coil seven inches down on edge of the hole.This is a deadly combination for the mxt hits 10 inch targets. This area has been pounded with several high end machines but some coins remain because there on edge.Thats why I like to get out after it thaws to claim targets that were missed because of soil shift. The target responce was faint but two way signal curser going to 1 cent dime bounce on quarter.Another combo is the T2 with a 10x13 Mars tiger coil on deep targets Im going to compare the makro multi kruzer also with the CF77 and nine inch coil in this area Lord willing.It was 29 degrees here in Michigan no snow P.S. didnt bother to show all the junk that was dug,,,,,CEDAR

Re: Mxt 8x6 sef coil
Posted by: therover
Date: December 25, 2018 10:28AM
Agree 1000% my brother. No coil better than that 8x6 SEF on an MXT.

On a few occasions I will put the 5.3 Whites coil on my MXT Pro when tot lot hunting, and the 13 inch Ultimate when dry sand hunting, but that 8x6 is deadly.

Merry Christmas.

Re: Mxt 8x6 sef coil
Posted by: Mega
Date: December 25, 2018 10:31AM
Another fan here of the SEF 8x6 have use it on a MXT but its currently on my DFX which i have had for 16 years,also have a 8X6 coil for my T2 as well.

Re: Mxt 8x6 sef coil
Posted by: cedarswamp
Date: December 25, 2018 11:19AM
Have an 8x6 on my T2 was good but didnt get the same results as my MXT, however the Mars 10x13 tiger coil on the T2 hit 12 inches on a shotgun brass I used my pinpointer to get a depth reading also found a v nickle and a 1869 greek coin 10 inch range,,,,,CEDAR

Re: Mxt 8x6 sef coil
Posted by: dirt doctor
Date: December 25, 2018 11:57AM
I've got the 6X8 on my M6 and before I sold my MXT All Pro and Explorer SE, I had one on them . A great coil for sure !

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