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Up Dates, Oh it's gonna happen.
Posted by: Dancer
Date: January 30, 2019 06:31AM
We have already seen hunters stop hunting to confer with each other or their manuals over the (just right) settings to be using. You know, what's the direction of the wind, mineral content of the water, color of the sand or clay. Got to know this stuff. Product shame started getting bad , like type of sport shoes to wear, latest Cell phone , golf clubs etc. Now there are science classes to spend time learning why your machine is finding pull tabs, bottle caps & corroded pennies. Its been posted somewhere (can't remember where) that next, detectors are going to to able to (talk) to Cell phones. Imagine watching hunters in waist deep water holding their machines up to find a cell signal. (Hey Pal, just found a junk ring text) Makes me feel like all I got are Muzzleloaders.
My above , is only to be taken in Jest. It's just my take on the present , and what's coming. Oh, yes its going to happen.

Re: Up Dates, Oh it's gonna happen.
Posted by: dirt doctor
Date: January 30, 2019 10:47AM
Don't forget a built in ground sink capabilities analyzer and a atomic laser vaporizer so you can eliminate your trash without having to carry it home .How about a Chameleon color change app so you never get tired of your detector being the same color all the time ? Adjustable , Helium filled tubes on the shafts to compensate for gravity weight pull . Like you said Dancer " Oh yes it's coming " .

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