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Larry's Program
Posted by: Larry (IL)
Date: December 03, 2007 10:27AM
This is the program I use 90% of the time. It lets me hear just about everything in the positive zone, rejecting small foil and iron. It is VERY hot and unstable, but deep. I use the 5.3, 6X10 DD and the Excelerator 10" DD with no changes. For larger coils, I reduce the Preamp to 3. When EMI is a problem, I switch to 15 KHz. When deep hunting in clean ground, I use, Best Data or 3 KHz and accept iron down to -30. I now accept down to -29 and reject -30 to -95. This is working pretty good for me in all types of hunting.

You will have to tweak some things to your liking, but this is what works for me.

Target Volume: User Select

Audio Threshold: User select

Tone: User Select

Audio Discrimination: On

Silent Search: Off

Mixed Mode: Off

AC Sensitivity: 75 or better if your ground allows

DC Sensitivity: 50

Backlite: off

Ratchet PinPoint: OFF

SAT Speed: 8

Tone ID: ON


Modulation: Off

AutoTrac: Off, You may want it ON in your ground.

TracView: Off

AutoTrac Speed: 8

AutoTrac Offset: +1

Track Inhibit: On

Fine GEB: Auto

Block Edit: Reject -95 to -09, Accept -10 to +93 Reject +94,+95

Learn Accept: Off

Learn Reject: Off

Recovery Speed: 15, 30 in trash

Bottlecap Reject: 7

HotRock Reject: 15, 7 if you don't have a problem with Hot Rocks.

Sweep Speed: 5

Ground Filtering: 4

Visual Discrimination: Off


VDI Sensitivity: 90, 99 for best depth, 80 for VDI stability. (Trade-off)

DC Phase: DC On

Graph Averaging: On

GraphAccumlate: On

Fade Rate: 05

PreAmp Gain: 3

Correlate: ON Best Data when in fairly clean ground and best depth.

VDI Normalized: On

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