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Whites 6T ..
Posted by: waterbird
Date: February 03, 2009 09:54PM
Can anyone tell me how good or bad the 6T is and also how heavy .. I like the look of it but also the M6 .. Help!!!

Re: Whites 6T ..
Posted by: goodmore
Date: February 03, 2009 10:38PM
I'll start & Let someone else finish. The 6t is the top of the Prizm line. It is not like the other Prizms at all. It has more features & just flat out does a better job detecting. Especially on the beach. It is built a little different than the other has the battery compartment where you put your arm in. Some feel that the balance is actually better even though you might be adding a couple of ounces. I just started using it when Winter set in. I really am looking forward to putting it through the paces when the glacier melts here. I had a Prizm 5, and the 6T is a much better detector in my opinion. So compared to the other Prizms the 6t is in a class all its own. Of course it costs a bunch more also. As far as comparing it to the M6 well I'll let Monte or some other M6 user answer that. I actually think Monte has answered it on another post. I will tell you that the coil situation is in the plus side for the M6. I am a Whites user and will tell you that either will get the job done. These may not be the big dogs of detectors, but you can play with the big dogs. It depends on how much you plan on detecting. If you see yourself upgrading to an MXT or DFX down the road choose the M6 because of the coils. If you want a detector that you can throw in the trunk & use a few times a year the 6t is a great choice. The specs & features are on the Whites web site.

Re: Whites 6T ..
Posted by: B.T
Date: February 04, 2009 06:39PM
I use one over here In Australia on the goldfields. Its tracking handles everywhere no probs. Because of that the pinpoint works much better in as much as the other Prizms can sometimes in bad ground get squeely in pinpoint, the 6T has no such problem. Notch is good to have so you can change what you want to if need be. Prizms have great iron discrimination, good coin and relic machines.

Re: Whites 6T ..
Posted by: littletwig
Date: February 05, 2009 03:35PM
They are both great machines. I like the M6 because of the higher frequency 15 vs 8. I think it sees smaller gold and silver than the 6T. I also like the better coil selection on the M6. People are sure high on the 6T that have used it. I really can't compair because I have not used the 6T.

Re: Whites 6T ..
Posted by: Utah Neal
Date: February 05, 2009 05:40PM
I had the chance to use the 6T during a hunt in the Portland area. The weight and balance were superb. The performance was on par with my MXT. I like the 9 tone's on the 6T because it separates the high conductor targets out better. I will be buying the 6T when I get the chance.

Re: Whites 6T ..
Posted by: nw1886
Date: February 05, 2009 11:42PM
That little machine is a pleasure to use. Gave it a modest workout on Sunday and was impressed. (The balance was remarkable and seemed pretty straight forward to learn.) I thought I preferred the metal housing on my DFX... but that little unit got me thinking otherwise! Nice,Nice! Whites used a top quality (camera grade?) resin for that one? Was kind of weird to be told to actually "slap" the battery pack in,for a good connection. Tough.

Short thoughts on the 6T and M6
Posted by: Monte
Date: February 06, 2009 08:19AM
Can anyone tell me how good or bad the 6T is and also how heavy .. I like the look of it but also the M6 .. Help!!!
I say "short thoughts" because I already posted a rather lengthy 3-part report on the Prizm 6T about 2-2

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