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Garrett GTAX 1000 powermaster & Garrett 250 observations
Posted by: rljehart
Date: June 06, 2010 08:43PM
First of all the 1000powermaster is a detector shouldnt have stopped making -or the basically identical 750 --(instead of the current non powermaster 550 or 400)------- the only thing on the 1000 -i dont care for is the sometimes "double curser" readout ---on the target id screen --to me it ads more confusion -usually a trash target --- also the 1000 will sometimes give an" iron crackle" in which i DO like (i had a CXlll years ago it was the same) --most of the newer Garretts (250 ,1500)the iron discrimination is "cleaner" and of course targets register "single curser"--i guess Garrett has made improvements in their technology with these models along with customer user feedback -on recommendations and dislikes -------just like all detector manufacturers ----------the 1000 is fairly deep --the powermaster chip does make a difference over the Ultra or Non Powermaster models -----------i dug dimes and similer sized objects at least 8 inches deep -- i hunt with 2 notches of Iron notched out and use the belltone and with audio depth boost mode On ===its a slow sweep machine --about 1 or 2 feet per second---i do notice nickles read barely in the nickle notch range-more erratic -otherwise target id is great
The 250 in my opionion is as deep as the 1000 powermaster if there is a difference its not by much one way or another (8.5" round crossfire on the 1000 vs the 9.5 x 6 Rhino on the 250) -- the 12 notches -in my opinion is all the notches you need---this makes for a more stable target id -you can sweep the 250 about as fast or slow -within reason- as you want --sure the 250 will misidentify a target occasionally but so will the 1000+ machines --

either detector is great for coin & jewelry hunting --but the modern circuitry /microprocessor make the 250 tough to beat -you would have to jump up to the 1350 , or either of the imaging to make a noticeably larger "improvement" so to speak

Re: Garrett GTAX 1000 powermaster & Garrett 250 observations
Posted by: At a Siding
Date: June 07, 2010 11:38AM
Hi There. I liked your report on the differences between the 1000 and 250. After 2+ years of using a pre-owned, entry level detector, (the 250 would be a real big improvement), and after reviewing many brands on the internet, I decided to go with a Garrett, but am not sure if I want to pay a bit more for the 1350, only because of budget reasons. If you don't mind taking the time to answer me, what do you think, in your opinion, would be the major advantages of owning the 1350 over the 250? Some hunting I like to do is around cellar holes, and usually, there is a lot of iron. Some items could be buried a little deep also, I suppose.

One of the things I do not like when using my current detector is digging up beer cans. Would the 1350 help with this, since you have imaging? I never see anyone air test a beer can, or other junk like thatt when I look at video's on u-tube.

Thanking you in advance, Ed

Re: Garrett GTAX 1000 powermaster & Garrett 250 observations
Posted by: khouse
Date: June 07, 2010 02:18PM
Most cans are easy to identify. One is target sizing. Your cans will pinpoint wider than a coin. Also raise your coil off the ground 10 inches and sweep. If you still get a beep then it's a large target. Now if it's a crushed deep can this may not work. But this should eliminate most aluminum cans and other large targets.

Re: Garrett GTAX 1000 powermaster & Garrett 250 observations
Posted by: willy
Date: June 07, 2010 03:29PM
I had both detectors and, IMHO, found the Ace 250 to be the lesser unit. Over heavily mineralised ground the 250 suffered in the depth department to a greater degree than the GTAx 1000. Another feature I really liked was the surface blanking feature. It's the same as found on my GMH III and works beautifully for getting rid of large targets. Just set it to the minimum and raise the coil a tad and say goodbye to cans! Can't really remember what the sweep speed was but I CAN say that the GMH III can be swept pretty fast and also has a pretty fast recovery speed. Both the GMH III and the GTA(x) 1000 can be had for a song (used) on the classifieds and are generally snapped up pretty quickly.
Just as an aside, row through the classifieds and check out how many of those older Garretts (I'd include the GTI's) are put up for sale vs. other brands. Sure, people can make up tons of excuses, but what it comes down to is that they are generally FUN and EASY detectors to use, giving good performance when used within their limitations. ..Willy.

Re: Garrett GTAX 1000 powermaster & Garrett 250 observations
Posted by: At a Siding
Date: June 07, 2010 03:42PM
I agree with the comment about the classifieds... I was looking a lot into Minelab, but there are tons of them for sale. Maybe too complicated? Not too many Garrett's at all... Thanks about the info on cans. The detector I have now does not even have pinpoint. It will be nice to get a more modern machine!

Re: Garrett GTAX 1000 powermaster & Garrett 250 observations
Posted by: laynecarr
Date: April 13, 2014 08:21PM
I found and bought a 1996 GTAX 1000 Power Master at a garage sale for $85 a week ago. The guy recognized the battery cases were corroded beyond repair and let me have the unit for $85 (he was asking $100). It came with the standard 8" round Crossfire coil and he threw in a 4" Crossfire sniper coil, an extra extension tube, two sand sifters, and a shoulder strap. Sent the whole thing to Garrett for a complete makeover. Since my go-to machine is the ACE 250, I'll report back with my pros and cons once the GTA is operational.


Re: Garrett GTAX 1000 powermaster & Garrett 250 observations
Posted by: detectex71
Date: April 13, 2014 08:36PM
If you call Garrett, they will send you some battery holders. They used to ship them to me for nothing. They may not do that anymore. Call & ask. Hope this helps. I still use my GTA 1000 Powermaster & love it!!!!! Great machine!!! Sometimes the old is new!!!!

Re: Garrett GTAX 1000 powermaster & Garrett 250 observations
Posted by: laynecarr
Date: May 05, 2014 04:07PM
Okay, I got the GTAX 1000 PM back from Garrett and it works great. Here are my comparison observations after two short hunts:

The 1000 is hands down better at slot discrimination in the coin setting -- especially with the belltone audio on. Found $2.73 in clad today and only dug five holes without a target (a large washer, one bottle cap, one small washer, one Master key, and one lipstick case). I'm not sure how the 1000 does on jewelry yet -- I'm still using the 1000 in coin mode until I get a little more familiar.

The 1000 is also better at sensitivity (depth setting). Although I don't really have any complaints about the ACE 250, the 1000 has about twice the number of depth settings; thereby making it easier to eliminate mineral targets and stop the tone when hitting the top of the grass blades.

The 250 wins on how fast you can move the coil across the ground and still pick up signals. Once I slowed down with the 1000 I began to score more finds.

I think the 250 might be a little lighter, but the 1000 has the option to put the control box on your belt and remove some of the weight from your arm. They tie for the weight.

I also like the audio threshold on the 1000. Sometimes I like to hear a slight constant tone to make sure everything is working as it should. My Tesoro has this feature too -- I think it's personal preference.

My total investment for the 1000 was $147 (sale cost, shipping and Garrett repair). So far, seems like a real nice deal.


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