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Re: Need some info....2500 or 1500
Date: May 11, 2004 06:31AM
Richard, I believe you want the 2500 for relics.
I have both, and the 1500 is my choice. The 2500 is heavier, but DOES have a real all-metal. The 1500 has a zero discrimination mode, but does not kill the discrimination circuit, it's always on.
My two primary machines are 1500 and MXT. I use both and I'm too lazy to dig the really deep stuff the 2500 shows....... You'll probably enjoy either, but for relics, the 2500 is the detector of choice in the garrett line. (Unless you want to wait for the newest machines, rumored for June.)
Best of luck whatever your choice. If you want to try both on a small farm and will drive to 35 miles north of Lexington KY, let me know. I have both machines available and will mow as much as you want to detect (up to 56 acres).

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