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Posted by: joe dirt_1
Date: February 25, 2012 06:50AM
When they get more in?????? Don't they build the pinpointer themselves?

Posted by: treetop
Date: October 06, 2013 03:46PM
I've had the pro pointer for about a month. Yesterday I noticed that it would begin to beep and continue to beep even while held in the air. I changed to a new battery thinking that the one I was using was failing. Same problem. To correct the continuous beeping I turned it off and then on again while holding it in the air. Beeping stopped but finding targets within 1" started to become a problem. Today I found that I have to be within a 1/4" of a target or it will not beep. Also, at times, it doesn't beep even though it's held against the Garrett digger. Things are definately wrong. Tomorrow I plan to call Garret to see what might be happening. Anyone else have this kind of problem?

Posted by: olddude
Date: October 14, 2013 10:29AM
I have one that is doing the same thing. I've had it about a month and it seemed to work ok when I first got it but it started messing up shortly after I changed the battery. I thought I had put the battery in wrong but took it out and re-installed it and it did the same thing. I even tried a different battery thinking the new one I had put is was somehow bad and it made no difference. Turn it on then place it in the hole and as soon as it hits the ground it sounds off and will not stop until you cut the switch off.

Posted by: rlc1940
Date: October 16, 2013 02:07PM
9 chances outta 10...made in Asia. But almost all our electronics are manufactured in Asia...and they can do great work there. Everyone slips up on now and then on an item. I'd say Garrett will get you out a brand new one before long.

Posted by: GeorgeinSC
Date: October 18, 2013 07:10AM
After a year of much use my Pro Pointer would false. Turn off and back on and sometimes it would work and some times it would go to giving a false contact.

I contacted Garrett. Sent it back and had it back in my grubby paw in 8 days. The only part of the old one that I got back was the slip of paper with the serial number and the battery cap. I definitely can not complain about Garrett's service. I dont think company does a better job of taking care of their customers.

In the meantime I had purchased a New unit and when I got it home it would not quit beeping. It did not matter what I did with it. Took it back to the dealer and he offered to refund my money or replace the unit. I chose to let him replace the unit as I Never want to be without a Pro Pointer. So now I have two.

Any item that Humans manufacture can fail. And it will fail at the most inopportune time.

Posted by: ryaan21
Date: October 21, 2013 06:44PM
You are by far not the only one having this problem. Every person I know personally aside from one has had those exact issues with the Garrett Pro pointer. That would be about 7 people.

What makes it worse is that people constantly bury posts about crappy pro pointers. Not on this forum, but on others that will remain nameless. If you so much as mention your pro pointer might not be working correctly there is a barage of critisizm.

My own dealings with Garrett and their customer service mirror what the OP said.

I sent my ATPRO in for repairs, get it back and it is basically still broken. They "fixed" the falsing on the coil only to have it last less than 3 months and the problem I had with the external speaker not working was never properly fixed. Combine that with the cheap $.50 cent arm cuff that snapped off during normal use and I was a little miffed.

I called and emailed Garrett. I was polite, respectful and I did not get ANY response at all.

It stinks, because I think they should be focusing more on the ATPRO/ATGOLD and the Pro Pointer instead of dumping r&d into a $2100 dollar detector.

I will probably give the AT PRO another shot when I can afford it. When it did work it worked amazingly. The pro pointer however I would not take if it were free.

Posted by: BarryL
Date: November 03, 2013 07:03AM
Mine started acting up the last time out as well . Never had a problem before with it . As I was trying to pinpoint the target it would not stop beeping and So I held it in the hole barely touching the dirt and turned it off and back on worked fine for about 30 seconds then started again . after reading a responce on this thread I may have just found out why so will check it and report back after I give it a test Oh and yes I replaced the battery first thing just to clear that up and also have the bushing in the cap to keep the battery making good connection because this was a problem from the start the small foam cushion that Garrett installs is not appropriate IMHO .

Posted by: BarryL
Date: November 03, 2013 10:19AM
Well got it out and turned it on and worked great for 10 seconds and then started that continuos beep . Went straight in to the sink and washed the freaking built up dirt that I neglect to clean off after each hunt that seems to build up in the side lot scraper and presto no more Continuing beeping Boy do I feel Dumb! Pinpoints perfect again without supertuning Too!

Posted by: 1859large
Date: November 05, 2013 03:30PM
Did you try a fresh battery? An alkaline battery? Mine gets squawky when the battery is getting low. Otherwise the advice above is what I would give. Turn it on in the air first. If you want to detune it, turn it on close to the target in the hole.

What happens if you turn it on in the air and move it towards a coin in the air. Try turning it on close to the coin and see how it detunes close to the coin and only goes off at a shorter distance to the coin.

Mine works like a charm. It will go off if I bang it into the side of the hole or use it as a digging tool.



Posted by: Larry Bartlett
Date: February 01, 2014 08:17PM
I am having the same issues with a garrett pin pointer that is less than a year old.

Posted by: Robert2300
Date: February 01, 2014 11:32PM
Do yourself a favor and let them replace the pinpointer.
Good luck.

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