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:canadaflag:Viva la Peso Pirate of Peurto Plata
Posted by: Leslie(nova scotia)
Date: May 11, 2017 06:33PM
The flight on Sun Wing to the Dominican Republic was uneventful.  Arriving late in the evening I requested building 12 but was assigned 10.  After some "debate" I got my way and Marie and I were off to building 12.

Next morning I put the Pro together only to face a curser on the LCD that was jumping all over the place.  Just could not get it to work  (later at home put her back together and she worked .) Out came the Sea Hunter MKll.

First full day on the beach and in the water netted a mere 5 coins.

Next few days added to the total of pesos as well as a few junker rings.

The following day I returned a gold earing to a lady from Upper Stewiacke.  Sadly, this turned out to be the only gold found on this trip.  Ironically the only coin found after that was a Canuck  coin.  I had found the Bluenose (back of Canuck 10 cent piece.)

Moving on up Jefferson style

"Front desk here.  We are doing repairs to your building so you will have to move."
"No way Jose.  I'm happy here!"
"But sir there will be no power in that building."
"No way I am happy here."

Next day.  "Front desk calling we are going to move you to a V.I.P. suite as you have won the manager's contest."
"I don't want to move!"

Five minutes later the manager comes to our room and tells us that this is a free upgrade.
"I'll move."
Next few days I noticed that building 12 was a busy building indeed as folks were coming and going.

Conflicting reasons to get us out of 12 and into building 16.  Thought on this long and hard and came up with;
a.  that 12 had a problem in that room only
b. weekend was coming and the management would rather have us then the locals in the suites
c. Bluenoser's are just sweet people that they wanted to give us a free room upgrade
d. all of the above
e. none of the above

Must say moving to the VIP suite was just like being at home.  Marie in one room watching the soaps while I in another watching Barcley's Premiere League in Spanish.

The Dominican Weekend Invasion

By the bus loads me son they came.  Locals who pay for just two nights at the resort.  A real circus as all politeness, semblance of manners, and hot water are gone by the way side!

During this weekend Marie and I headed down the beach to the Orange Market with her swinging her beach bag and I the Sea Hunter.

Peurto Plata City home of the "Big Guy's House"

200 pesos or $40USA.  Local bus versus taxi.  Walked out to the main road and hailed a local cab.  A VW that occasionally has a floor and seats anywhere from 1 to 20 passengers, a few bowls of bananas and a few chickens (supper) thrown in for good measure.  Up close and personal travel at it's extreme.  Think Marie didn't mind the man sitting half on her lap nor I the chicken.

Once in the city I headed straight for the post office emptying half the money in my wallet on stamps depicting fish, butterflies and Lord knows what else.  Hunny Bunny fared far better entering a few shops and buying nothing.  Said grace for that .  Headed to the city center square and gave thanks.  Must say the R.C.'s had done a great job on the old church's stained glass windows and alter.

Caberete Caper

Another glorious day with todays jaunt being to Caberete which is about a 40 minute sardine drive by bus .  Price here was also 200 pesos.  Greeted in Caberete by my hero...Presidente's Beer!  Notice the sign in the background.

Before we hit the beach Marie did the dew in a few shops finding trinkets for those back home.  Feel in love with Herbie too boot!  Darn.

Got Marie settled on the beach  watching the wind surfing guys.  Apparently  it's the mecca in the D.R. for water wind sports.

Man the beach had as many bottle caps as the air chutes. Tired, sore and burned to a crisp I called it a day after 2 hours.

Heading back to the main road to catch a bus we witnessed a single motorcycle accident where 4 persons received minor injuries...all were passengers of the bike.  Only in the DR.  Marie screamed.  I screamed.  We both screamed for ice cream....sum gud youz!

"Buttock Banter"

Marie has her moments.  Returning to the room after a meal we were greeted by a male maid who was busy with a tile repair on the floor.  "Buttocks!" shouted Marie.  I gave her the look and retorted that that was rude even though the maid was bent over revealing a "lower body crevasse." Just then the walkie talkie in the maid's back pocket sounded again.

Marie said "See butt talk."  One of those you had to be there moments.


Man it's the same in the DR.  Driving by remote villages I noticed that some homes had no roves, no cars not running water but everyone had a cell phone!

Back at the resort thee was a guy self volleying a volleyball in the pool, people with cameras on the end of poles taking selfies, self serve at the buffets and even one poor lost soul taking to himself. As for this bouy it was self medicating with amodium and wishing for a self flushing toilet.

Was down with the dance for three days and no detecting!  Confined to the suite I invented a new game...toilet top toe tipping.

Chivalry Bluenose Style

This particular night the show was not dancing but a magic show.  Great entertainment and a few more than a few Presidenete's Beer.  As I exited I held the door open for a lady who gave me this weird grin followed by a smile..................then it hit me.  Door to the men's room.  A real Bluenoser's senior moment.

One of the benefits of the VIP room is a well stocked mini bar.  Beer galore but there was a catch.  No openers.  Now you are probably thinking how does this apply to metal detecting.....................lesche tool= open beer.  never used it on the trip for anything else.

Final full day of detecting .  Ran up the total to 117 coins, 6 junk rings, one silver ring, dinkie and a big gold colored dewy.

That evening Marie graced me with her silky rendition of "Crazy" by Patsy Kline accompanied by a Dominican dancer.

Great to be home.  Must apologize for any grammer or spelling errors but had to do this post all over as I lost it onthis darn new computer that I have not yet mastered!

Glad you had a safe trip and enjoyed it. Hope you get more gold next trip.N/T
Posted by: Mike Chgo area
Date: May 22, 2017 05:35PM

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Re: :canadaflag:Viva la Peso Pirate of Peurto Plata
Posted by: Missouri--Ma Betty
Date: May 22, 2017 10:19PM
Sounds like you had a bang up trip with its ups and downs! Congrats on the finds even though you surely expected more...but that is the way it is...ya win some and then you lose on some trips! But having fun anyway is what everyone needs to do when travelling to the far off lands or even close to home! God Bless! :angel: Ma

Re: Glad you had a safe trip and enjoyed it. Hope you get more gold next trip.
Posted by: fongu
Date: May 25, 2017 05:34PM
Glad you and Hunny Bunny had a safe trip and those senior moments happen to the best of us. Nice of you to hold the door open for the lady, but she might have had a fit if she walked in on you.

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