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:canadaflag:interesting hallmarks on silver
Posted by: Leslie(nova scotia)
Date: May 25, 2017 01:06PM
Called Navy Davy bright and early yesterday......and woke up his wife. Guess ND was getting an overdose of beauty sleep. Hit a few parks on the way out to my friends in Falmouth. Great to sit down and chat with Saundra and Ed. Over course someone else wanted attention especially after Saundra brought out the tea and some cookies! Sure is hard to say no to Storm

After a good hour and half later it was across the street to the field which was the only one that one could do due to the high grass.
Found this spoon shaft with a few hallmarks that I know nothing about.

Field was pretty stingy giving up only one coin and the handle.

Leaving Falmouth stopped in Windsor and did a few places adding a few coins. Was getting hungry Subway or A&W......A&W was the choice ....a bad one. Person had more metal on their face then junk I had found so far that day. Lord love a duck. Burger and small pop... $9.05..................never again. Felt bamboozled.

Once back in the metro area hit a park in Dartmouth. A few coins and "little" company.

Anyway 7 under quota, dewies , Tinkerbell's Bell, pair of keys and a Soviet Block country coin. Knee gave out before quota which each trip out now is an effort to say the least. Think of putting a once a week quota on my quotas!

Re: :canadaflag:interesting hallmarks on silver
Posted by: fongu
Date: May 25, 2017 05:36PM
You make quota 99 percent of the time, but got to miss once in a while and take care of those knees.

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