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:canadaflag:beer tokens
Posted by: Leslie(nova scotia)
Date: June 05, 2017 09:19PM
No extra shifts were available. No Navy Davy who was tied up! Nice weather so out the door I went with two Garretts in tow. No clock. No radio in Es Cargo as I blew a fuse in her and not sure how to replace it as I'm mechanically challenged. Really don't intend to fix it anyway! Headed towards Kentville with the only music being the whistle from my partially opened window. It was a good day to dig. Arrived at a park that I had done repeatedly over the years. Amazed at all I had missed. Was running the Freedom 3 Plus wide open (back up Pro was in the trunk) and digging the bell tone on a one way cross; not the usual "X."

Was in the quiet "Garrett Ear Zone" digging a fair amount of dimes that sound a heck of a lot like rubbish only to be interrupted by me bud (on the board of directors for the park)...... driving a lawn mower ........chatted for the next 20 minutes and he moved on in great dismay as his whipper snipper had died as he recounted during our conversation. Guy is a real jewel for the community as he is retired and donates his time to the park maintenance . Half quota was had with an urge to move on so away went Es Cargo to the next park........more conversation with a couple my age who informed me about the history of the place I was digging. Their poodles barked. Dogs on the other side of the fence barked.....I left for quieter ground which was another park a dozen clicks closer to home.

Um! Beer token coins. Mister Man if each one was worth a beer I would have dug enough in this park for a 2-4! Numbers reminds me of the movie I watched on my android box the other day which featured Bo Derek in 10." Thinking that I'm a 4 and if I stopped at the "smart shop" for a six pack I too could be a 10! Quota of 50 dug.

Once home the Hunny Bunny said that we could dine out and do a movie. Harvey's does indeed make hamburger a beautiful thing. The movie she picked turned out to be a chick flick on steroids....very entertaining!

Once we got home I felt "beat up" and quickly developed a head ache!

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