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Hey John Edmonton, HOW many Garrett's do you own?
Posted by: silverseeker 2
Date: June 10, 2017 09:43AM
Hello John,
Have always enjoyed your posts. As a 2 year Garrett user on and off
I have come to really enjoy the AT Series detectors. Just thought I'd
ask someone who is Well Rounded with Garrett machines. Out of all the
Garrett detectors you have learned, which seems to have the best depth
on coins and which seems to hit hardest on coins with good consistent
visual ID? What machine gave you your most Gold finds? And the Big question
is "How many Garrett's do You Own?????? Thanks for your time!!!!
You are surely one of the Garrett masters and knowledgeable and a
Garrett Die Hard!!!!! Plus looks like you make a heck of a batch of
jerky. Nothing like a Good stick of a great tasting jerky! Love the stuff...
Take care and great hunting...

Well......This Many:detecting:
Posted by: John-Edmonton
Date: June 10, 2017 06:55PM
1 x Minelab (gone)
1 x Whites
1 x Detector Pro
Radio Shack (gone)
2 x Fisher (gone)
GTA Ultra 500 (gone)
GTP 1350 (gone)
GTI 1500(gone)
ACE 250
ACE 150
ACE 300
ACE 400
Garret Beach Hunter AT3
Garrett Scorpion
CX Master Hunter
GTI 2500
AT Pro
AT Gold

Surprisingly, the ACE 250 & ACE 400 get excellent depth with the 9" x 12" concentric coil. They were about the same (depth wise) as the GTI 1500. The Scorpion hit shallow coins and rings real hard. I think the Scorpion got the most rings, but, limited to shallow targets. The Infinium and ATX are by far the deepest of the Garrett family, but you need to learn their language, and get used to not using the discrimination features found on other metal detectors. They really progressed in hunted out spots, both water and land. The GTI series were a lot of fun to use, utilizing the imaging features. But, you had to learn the imaging well. It was a coin/jewelry hunter's dream machine. The GTI 2500 has a true all metal mode, who'd depth is right up there with the current line of makes and model detectors.The AT Pro/AT Gold are excellent detectors, both for gold nugget hunting, coin hunting and relic hunting. The iron audio is great! The assortment of available coils, both Garrett and after market coils, allow the user depth, comparable to detectors costing 2-3 x as much or sensitivity to the tiniest bits of detectable matter.

I am looking forward to the new Garrett AT MAX machine, as it has the best features of both the AT Pro/AT Gold. It will operate at a lower frequency, allowing even more depth for coin sized objects. detector does it all. If I thinned the herd, I would keep the AT Pro, The GTI 2500, The Scorpion, the ATX and the ACE 400. Now.....if Garrett produced a machine utilizing the best features of each of the mentioned detectors, it would be simply the "BEST" detector ever!:thumbup:

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Re: Hey John Edmonton, HOW many Garrett's do you own?
Posted by: Buddy_TX
Date: June 15, 2017 07:05PM
Just wondering John, which Detector Pro do you have. How or what do you like about it. and IF you could what would you change on it. I have 7 DP units and love them all. would like to see the old style thin coils come back, they to me are more stable and more sensitive than the newer style they have now. also More volume would be a plus but I'm am old and hard of hearing and WONT wear my 1400.00 dollar hearing aids in the water, tried that once and got real lucky when one came out of my ear and I caught it before it hit the water. More depth would not hurt but to do that in the space conditions they would have to resort back to the expensive surface mount boards which would raise the price of the unit. My wife has one of the original ones with a surface mount board, the only one I have seen. when she hunts she will find three times the amount of coins/rings than I will. It is just that much better. Bad part is I have tried for years to get another one, Gary didn't have any and have not ran across a used one with that board for sale.
Lets hear your thoughts on these.

Thanks Buddy

Minelab Equinox 800
Minelab Explorer II
Fisher CZ 21
Detector Pro Wader, 8" and 10"
Detector Pro Pirate Pro
Tesoro Stingray
Fisher 1280x
Whites Amphibian and Surfmaster TR
Tesoro Silver saber
Tesoro Golden Saber II
Garrett S-1, S-2, S-3 TRs
Compass Q.
Silver Turtle
TR Turtle
VLF Turtle
and a few odd balls in the back of the closet

Re: Hey John Edmonton, HOW many Garrett's do you own?
Posted by: John-Edmonton
Date: June 16, 2017 09:13PM
I have the Wader with the smaller coil. A great set up with all the electronics in the headset. I have it mounted on a straight rod. Can't get any more lighter then that. :)

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